The Fulcrum



I recently read some of Walter Russell’s writings. In particular his book; The Secret of Light. Note that the following is my own interpretation of  this aspect of his book and is not meant as direct transcription. So if I understand him correctly, one of the many things that Walter Russell proposes in this book is:

  • Mother Earth is a radiant energy source, flowing outwards from the core, from her own singularity. Using light she expresses creativity and the sensation of motion (time) and division (outward fractalization).



  • Father Sun is a gravatic (my word) energy source, flowing inwards towards its core, towards its own singularity. Using light to return to stillness and to cease all motion (including time), to multiply towards unity (inwards fractalization).


All the universe (everything from sub atomic quanta to vast nebulae) is seeking balance between these two energy sources – radiant/gravatic, explosion/implosion, positive/negative.

The growth of a tree from the womb of Mother Gaia is an expression of radiant energy as the tree spirals outwards on a Fibonacci wave, seeking the perfection of Phi – seeking BALANCE, seeking to transmute its radiant energy drawn towards the gravatic energy of the Sun. Searching for the stillness of eternity but never quite finding it. Every bit of radiant growth of branch and leaf must be balanced by opposing gravatic growth of its root system. Its health, its longevity rests in finding the balance between the two. In the core of every tree is its fulcrum, the pivot point that helps it create balance between creativity and stillness; its connection to the Earth and its connection to the Sun.

It is no different for me I have discovered. Creativity, radiant energy, is not a permanent resource as it constantly seeks to transmute itself into gravatic energy. I sense that this is why we must sleep at night. The avatar that is our body can only utilise radiant energy for so long before it must find a way to transmute itself into gravatic energy and so it seeks stillness in sleep. But neither is stillness a permanent resource and so once more I awake to use my radiant energy of creativity.

What Walter Russell has taught me from this small snippet of his wisdom is that the secret to harmony, longevity and ultimately optimal life is no different to that of the tree. Seek out and find your own fulcrum, the balance between creativity and stillness, for there resides the meaning of life.

May the radiant energy of Mother Earth and the gravatic power of Father Sun guide you towards the discovery of your very own fulcrum.

Once more I feel blessed to have connected with you through this post.

With love from my fulcrum to yours,


As always I ask the question – science fiction or science fact? You be the judge…..


Above The Mud


Last night I was considering that thing – the one so many of the great minds from a century ago were talking about before their ideas were suppressed. Minds like Tesla, Russell, Reich, Keely et al.

Nowadays people call it things like synchronicity, providence, divine intervention or the law of attraction. I like to think of it in the same terms as Keely – Sympathetic Vibration.

Some time ago I wrote a series of posts entitled “The Story of Matter”  (the series starts here) in an attempt to somehow explain the unity of everything in at least a semi-scientific way. In one of those posts I provided the analogy of the Plank Spherical Unit (PSU), the smallest thing measurable to man. In that post I postulate that the whole universe is completely filled with these PSU’s. So much so that you could say that we are everyday walking around in a PSU soup. In fact we are all actually ingredients in this soup only most of us don’t know it as it exists at a quanta below our level of sensory perception.

So as a result of reconsidering this soup analogy last night I had this vision. My vision was that all humanity was floating in a thick brown sludge, like muddy quicksand. If you thrashed against the mud you sank quickly. If you remained still you stayed afloat for longer, years, decades even.

In my vision however, the knowing told me that I should thrash in a rhythmic way, in a way that caused synchronous ripples in the muddy sludge just like a stone dropped into a lake. It then told me that if I directed those synchronous ripples towards another person within this muddy sea of humanity those ripples would have the effect of raising that person up slightly out of the mud.

vibrating dot

In my vision I saw the sea of humanity finally understand this as each and every one of us sought to direct ripples of support to our neighbours as they also did for me. Suddenly the process became effortless and I found myself more buoyant. Every time I felt I was about to sink again more ripples would strike and support me. I eagerly sent out ripple to support others. Before long we began to rise up out of the mud, no longer at risk of drowning in it. We were actually, through working together, our unity, our sympathetic vibrations of ripples in the mud raising up humanity to another plane of existence. Above the mud, in a less dense environment where freedom of movement became easy and fear of drowning became a thing of the past.

I feel that at a human level, as we float around in our PSU soup, that this is what those brilliant men discovered when they discovered the universal law of sympathetic vibration. That vibration, the one that causes synchronous ripples in our universe, I have discovered, as many others have as well, is achieved via the emotions of love and gratitude. These two things tune in best to the natural rhythmic vibration of all that there is. For love and gratitude are the fuel for the Rhythmic Balanced Interchange of life force that flows through the universe.




The acceptance of love back in return converts that love into gratitude and thereby sets up the condition to produce/respond once again with the emotion of love.

The giving and receiving of love, re-energized by gratitude is the Rhythmic Balanced Interchange the universe is constantly trying to achieve.

So it’s my turn to send some ripples of buoyancy your way. Please accept my loving gratitude, it is yours, always and forever. May it help you rise above the mud.




The Story of Matter: Part 5 – We Are Five


To make full sense of this post I highly recommend you read the full series regarding the Story of Matter. It begins with this link to the post 'Can you feel the Vibe?' simply follow the links through the amazing journey of this place we call the Universe.


The universe has been born. For how long it has been born it does not know. Time has no significance.

All is an endless sea of tiny spherical tori pulsating with energy at such a rapid rate that it has become one.

The universe is a flowing wave of electromagnetism.

The universe is a plenum of pure energy.

The universe is endless in breadth and in depth.

All is wave, humming majestically. The symphony in perfect tune.

The universe is an eternity of the perfect rhythm of light playing the song of love.


But eternity being such a very, very long time must include all possibilities, all possible outcomes.

And electromagnetism is such a powerful force that is capable of both balanced and unbalanced charge.

Even as the wave of sound and the plenum of light pulsate their way through eternity, all possibilities must come to be. Eternity is eternity and infinity is infinity.

It can be no other way.

All electromagnetic energetic outcomes are possible.

In some dimensional outcomes we see that areas of the sea of spherical tori began to lose their wave pattern. Soon there are multitudes of these spherical tori which begin to pulse in and out of equilibrium with the symphony. Many of these spheres become magnetically attracted to each other. Spheres would detach and reattach to the oneness of the wave. This process of disharmonization (unfolding) and re-harmonization (enfolding) becomes a current flow of the living universe.

In some areas, in some dimensions of the endless wave this process of unfolding and enfolding would become violent and disruptive, like a storm in the wave. A storm of electromagnetic energy. Where the storms took place what was left behind where multitudes of less highly charged sphere’s. As a result many spheres began to vibrate more slowly. The current flow became less. To seek out charge these spheres would clump together.

This clumping effect would eventually cause the formation of other forms of matter. Clumped toroidal spheres became larger particles of various charge potential. Over time different states of matter emerged.

Over eons of time stellar systems and galaxies of light are born as a plethora of differently charged toroidal spheres reached a rhythm of their own equilibrium. All toroidal spheres found their own way to retain charge and to stay connected to the symphony.

Perhaps it was like this for our 3 dimensional ‘observable’ universe.

Highly charged toroidal spheres cling together to form particles of electromagnetism. Highly charged matter seeks out and magnetizes to other highly charged matter. This clumping continues until the charge and the current flow reaches another point of equilibrium. At that point we are left with a 3 dimensional ‘observable’ universe which is simultaneously in 5 different states all coexisting.

They are the 5 elemental states of matter.


1st elemental state – SOLIDS:

Coalesced magnetically attracted matter has found its own equilibrium and maintains its lower vibrational rate by forming strong bonds with other similarly lower vibrational particles. 3 dimensional ‘solid’ matter is born. These solids grow and change and transform over time, sometimes rapidly and violently as the electromagnetic currents seek their own equilibrium. Gradually a steady rhythm of change is obtained, pseudo equilibrium of the solid state of matter.

In our observable universe from the storm of energy that existed within the wave planets, asteroids and all other matter at a more micro level that we know as solids comes into being.

Galaxies, solar systems, planets, asteroids and comets are born, all solid matter of various electromagnetic charge potential. In the universe there are many clumped solids that lose their charge or have it stripped from them by other solids they encounter in the vastness of the space of eternity. Mars is an example of one such planetary solid that became stripped of its higher vibrational charge.

But not all planets became stripped of charge. Some planetary solids retained the ability to maintain charge and current flow. To do this the solid matter had to have found a way to soak up, to absorb charge, to maintain its power within its dimensional sector. It would remain energized through supporting current flow. These clumps of solid matter still maintained the harmony and the light of the wave. These solid interstellar objects like our very own Planet Earth were able to maintain a flowing connection of electromagnetic force that enabled ongoing connection to the source wave.

The spherical tori of power that formed our Planet Earth found a way to maintain current flow and connection. From the highly charged magnetic core the planet it was able to soak up electromagnetic charge from the solar objects that is encountered.

Earth soaked up this charge from other planets such as Mars and Saturn and perhaps many more before. It also soaked up charge from other astrological objects such as the comet Venus. In recent times it has settled into the equilibrium of the heliosphere we know of as our solar system, powered by our Sun.

The solid that we call Planet Earth lives and breathes today because it found ways to maintain current flow. Despite the universal storm that brought forth 3 dimensional matter our Earth, our solid, found a way to not only retain its charge but to thrive. Over eons of formation our planet continues to soak up and release power from its surroundings and a toroidal current flow of electromagnetism surrounds Earth, sustaining it. Solid matter on our planet not only exists, it is able to maintain and even increase its current flow.

Earths magnetic flow


2nd elemental state – LIQUIDS:

Still magnetically attached to the solid matter, liquid matter has been able to increase its atomic vibration to such a degree that enables it to flow with the current and the charge of electrons through the electrical system.

The solid planet called Earth, because of its ability to maintain a flow of pulsating energy from the universe enables some solid matter on the planet to become more highly energized, vibrating at faster rates. As more of this highly charged matter finds ways to combine and maintain current flow, new molecules are born.

The most efficient of these are the PSU’s who clump together is such a way as to form the molecule we know of as H2O. This molecule became adept at drawing and passing on electromagnetic charge, more adept than any other combination of clumped matter. As a result of this ability to efficiently soak up electromagnetic charge and pass it on, water systems are born. Any planet that can maintain sufficient charge over time will give birth to liquid, the 2nd elemental state.

Planet Earth’s ability to soak up and maintain electromagnetic charge gave birth to our ocean and river systems. But so much more as well.

water earth


3rd elemental state – GASES:

When matter is able to continue to increase its atomic vibration it becomes gaseous. Even as the liquid clings to the solid magnetically so too the gas clings magnetically to the liquid. So gas creates the atmosphere which surrounds the actively charged solid and liquid. On a planetary scale then our very own Planet Earth perfectly shows the Solid>Liquid>Gas cling effect. The moon and other planets we know of that have no atmosphere have lost their positive electric charge and are unable to spontaneously increase the atomic vibration of sufficient quantities of matter to create sustainable liquid. Without liquid, there can be no gas, hence no atmosphere. On Earth the electrical power of the solid we call our planet, creates the charge that forms liquid. The liquid continues to increase its atomic vibration by soaking up energy from its surroundings creating gas. We have an ecosystem. The ecosystem allows for the continued maintenance of the liquid state within the system. As current flow passes between solid, liquid and gas weather patterns are created. A biosphere emerges.




4th elemental state – PLASMA:

As the atomic vibration continues to increase beyond gas the atom breaks apart, it becomes sub atomic quanta distributing highly vibrating and highly charged plasma particles throughout the universe. Highly charged plasma are continually created within the biosphere as the charge distribution needs of the planet cause both an outpouring of current flow from the core in the form of volcanic eruptions and also in the atmosphere in the form of lightning.

Suns consist of solid matter that is highly charged electromagnetically. The rays of the sun are not powered from within. There is no internal fusion engine inside a star, that is a misunderstanding. In the electric universe the Sun (every star) is charged from outside, from the universe itself, from the current of the symphony. An analogy might be the scrunched up tin foil in the microwave multiplied by a few billion. What we call sunbeams are a multitude of spherical tori magnetically drawn to the Sun. They become recharged to extremely high energy levels and then repelled back into space, passing on their charge, dispersing their energy. Suns are soaking up and dispelling electromagnetism creating a heliosphere full of plasma and even smaller charged matter as the current flows through every PSU sphere.



But plasma and even smaller sub quanta sized, highly vibrating clumps of PSU’s exist in their multitudes everywhere within our observable universe. They fill up the space of the universe oscillating in polarity, interacting with other charged particles maintaining an oscillating current flow throughout the universe. Matter cannot exist in the state of Plasma forever. It either continues to increase in vibration once more approaching the state of the wave or it loses charge, vibrating more slowly, coalescing into other states of matter.

Plasma seeks out charge, seeks out flow in the system, its drawn to it magnetically. So plasma particles bombard Planet Earth every day. Many of them gain sufficient charge in the magnetosphere and are then repelled back out to the universe. But these particles are so microscopic that still so many of them get through, most as wave forms riding the ultraviolet spectrum.

At other times they form stable shapes that are able to maintain current flow through all PSU’s. This flow of energy transfer continues naturally through the system as these stable sub atomic PSU’s pass through everything seeking charge, seeking vibration, seeking connection, creating harmony. Increasing the charge and rate of vibration of all they interact with. These stable shapes, smaller than plasma are what I call Tachyons. I will dedicate a separate post another time to this wonderful state of matter the sits between the 4th and 5th elemental state.

Tachyons you see are just about the closest thing you can get to the 5th state in our universe, that’s how important they are.


5th elemental state – B.E.C.

Through it all the condensate unification remains as the latticework, the matrix of the universe. All 5 elemental states existing simultaneously, bound together by the 5th elemental state of matter. PSU’s that are able to maintain stability give charge and current flow to everything around. Limitless spherical tori maintaining their infinite speed creating the BEC field of unity, the oneness of the eternal wave.

Our Universe.

unity wave


A note about Life:

The actively charged solid that we call Planet Earth, somehow, over eons of time was able to maintain and even increase the flow of electromagnetic current through its core. It was able to maintain such a high current flow within the electric universe that it gave birth to liquid. The most efficient liquid it gave birth to, the one that was best suited to receiving and passing on electrical charge was the molecule we know as H2O.

Earth power gave birth to water.

The water was able to absorb the charge from the solid state matter and other surrounding matter. Water infiltrated everywhere there was sufficient current flow. And water experimented. It experimented with how to absorb the electrical energy that was all around. Water gave birth to life; water’s very own expressions of creativity.

So far humanity has been water’s most complex and risky experiment (on planet Earth). The current flow through the hydrated liquid crystalline structure that is the human body has proven to be extremely erratic as most experimental beings seem to suffer the same confusion about their connectedness to the system. Electrical flow and balance can often breakdown.

Water body

We are Liquid beings


Liquid, born from the charge of solid continues to experiment in every way it can. Life always finds a way.

Life is charged from solid and animated by liquid.

Life is sustained by the current flow of gas (air) and powered by plasma (sun).

Life is the flow of electromagnetic current through all states of matter, but it is an incomplete flow without the connection to the 5th state of matter, the unity of the wave.


A final word about matter and us:

All matter is electromagnetically bound together. The electrical universe makes sure of that. All matter clings.

Solid to Liquid to Gas to Plasma and back again. All the while riding upon the unified wave of the BEC.

For the moment let us imagine ourselves as an atom. We are an atom vibrating as a particular atomic speed.

At the moment, most people, as the atom, perceive themselves as being in the first elemental state of matter. Most people perceive themselves to be solid. The atomic vibration of their charge is (dis) harmonized to the speed associated with solid matter.

However, as the speed of our vibration increases we have the ability to become more fluid. This may help us understand what people mean when they say ‘go with the flow’ or ‘jump in the river of life’. What they are trying to explain scientifically is to increase the atomic vibration of the matter that is ‘me’ or ‘you’ to allow ourselves to take on the properties of the elemental state of liquid. Because at a PSU level that is exactly what we are doing.

With time, patience, effort and awareness still we are able to increase our atomic vibration even further and become like the third elemental state that is gas. We are able to gather experiences outside of our physical body. We are able to sense the connections within the atmosphere. People who can raise their atomic vibration to this point speak of out of body experiences and of the feeling of connectedness around the planet.

With still more focus the atomic vibrational speed of the matter that is us can increase further to become like the fourth elemental state of plasma. Vibrating at these speeds breaks down atomic structures, matter in this state is free to explore the universe. Astral and inter-dimensional travel becomes possible at this state of vibration. Bodies become more light infused, more harmonious, less dis at ease.

But all the while, whilst we might cast our awareness from the core of our solid planet, to the flow of life, to the connectedness of the air, to the vastness of the heavens, all matter ultimately obeys the laws of the fifth elemental state of matter. Ultimately we are bound by this state of matter that is the very foundation, the connective tissue of the universe. No atom, no element of matter could ever become separate from the connected universe. The connected wave is all; there is nothing that is not.

In our current forms as human beings we cannot raise our vibration high enough to experience that state of matter (i.e. the BEC) by looking outwards to the heavens. We can gather glimpses of experiences through raised vibration. However, for our 3 dimensional body to experience the fifth elemental state of matter requires us to look inwards. We need to ride our currents of awareness inwards.

The universe is an ouroboros; the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.

Matter speeds up so fast that it becomes still. Once it becomes still it behaves as the fifth element. Within the stillness of our minds we cease to feel separate, we become one with the all. Our being, our essence, just like the condensate becomes inextricable linked to the entire fabric of the universe. We are no longer a dot, a point, existing somewhere in a specific location of the universe. We become the interconnected wave form. We are simultaneous here and everywhere. We are one.

We are inextricably bound to all matter in all states, simultaneously the individual atom but also the collective wave form of oneness. Try as we might to feel separate, to feel like the individual, we are magnetically connected to the all.

It is only when we raise our vibration that we can truly experience the beauty and the grace of all states of matter:

  • The surety and security, the nascent power of our SOLID state of our Mother Earth.
  • The creative expressionism and flowing current of our LIQUID state of our Life.
  • The sustaining bond of collectiveness and co-operation that is our GAS state of our Biosphere.
  • The power enhancing magnetism of our heliosphere that is our PLASMA state of our Heavens.
  • The blissful peace of the symphony of light and love that is our BEC state of oneness and Unity.

A balanced life with a deep sense of connection to the planet, to each other, to our atmosphere, to our universe and to the depths of love and light that we hold within seems to be what each of these states of matter are trying to tell us. Flow and connection are the lessons they teach.

I will not suggest to you to be like the elements. I have a better idea than that. There is no need to suggest it because Humanity already is the elements, all of them.

And at our deepest level we are the 5th element. We are what the Universe truly is. It’s just that it took the most miniscule of matter in both size and vibration to realize the truth. The truth that we are One.




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The Story of Matter: Part 4 – The 5th State

vibrating dot


Are you ready to find out what the true nature of the Universe is like?

I recommend you catch up on my previous posts about this subject in order to fully appreciate the information I’m sharing in this post.

Here are the links you need: ‘Can you feel the Vibe?‘, ‘The Story of Matter: Part 1‘ : ‘The Story of Matter: Part 2‘ : ‘The Story of Matter: Part 3‘.

So far if you’ve followed my posts above we’ve established the following key concepts:

  • There is a universal principle that is; the smaller a vibrating object the faster its relative speed.
  • We realized that the only difference between a solid, liquid, gas or plasma is the actual speed of the vibration of the component parts (eg the atoms or the sub atomic particles).
  • We further realized that the only real way to classify everything that there is in this enormous universe is to look at it as a wave instead of as a particle. Everything in the universe can be measured on the electromagnetic wave spectrum.
  • We also discovered that if we look at the universe as being made up of particles then the particles that it is made up from are the smallest particles measurable by us, the PSU. And according to the universal principle of size/speed these particles which are mind bogglingly small are therefore infinitely fast. So fast in fact that they could be said to be in a state of rest, both being everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.

So what do you think might happen to a particle that is vibrating at the fastest speed there can ever be? Could we find out do you think? Could we perform an experiment?

The problem with speed in this material, very solid environment that we live in is that we seem to be bound by certain limits. We try, we spend billions and billions of dollars trying. We invented a thing called the Large Hadron Collider to help us do it. To date the fastest speed that this enormous piece of technology can accelerate a particle to is 299.8 million metres per second. Now that’s pretty fast. Extraordinarily fast. It is basically the speed of light.

However, despite this breakneck speed and the billions it cost to achieve it we still can’t punch through that speed of light barrier. So our hopes of achieving infinitely fast speed is hampered by the solidity of the reality we live in. Using the Large Hadron Collider to speed something up to see what happens is producing some remarkable results, the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle is an example.

But it seems that we are a long way off replicating the vibratory speed of the PSU. I mean if the PSU is the fastest thing in the universe, so fast that the speed has caught up to itself, then the Large Hadron Collider is well away from recreating that speed.

However! If we apply the principle that an infinitely fast object, for all intents and purposes could be said to be at a state of rest (ie it’s so fast it looks like it’s not moving) perhaps there is another way to discover how the PSU might behave.

And there is!

If we can’t make an object speed up to an infinitely fast speed because of the limitations of the environment we are in, can we slow an object down to a point where it is (almost) completely at rest? Remember infinitely fast and fully at rest are basically identical states.

The answer is yes! Science has discovered a way to slow the vibration of atoms down until they can be said to be at complete rest. How do they do that? What happens to the atoms when they do that?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the 5th state of matter. It is called, the Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC for short). The name’s a mouthful but there’s a reason for it.

Watch the following 2 videos and find out. Once you see what happens to atoms when they are completely at rest it will blow you away! And it also might start to make sense of many, many things.

Watch, enjoy. I have more to say after the video’s.

‘Just to think about this causes me wonder and confusion’ – Daniel Kleppner

Maybe now, by understanding how the slowest thing in the universe (the BEC) behaves we also understand how the fastest thing in the universe (the PSU) behaves.

If I can harken back to my post ‘There is no Matter’ to confirm that everything is a wave, a wonderfully interconnected PSU wave that happens to be all around us behaving as the 5th state of matter, at rest, just being. But also pulsating with energy at an infinitely fast rate, the wave of light playing the symphony of the universe.

I’m sure you have heard spiritually focused people talk about oneness or unity. I’m sure you’ve heard scientifically focused people talk about the unified field.

Now I believe we are seeing a great convergence. The coming together of the right brained spiritual mind and the left brained scientific mind to form a common understanding of the universe. All is one, all is interconnected, we are not separate atoms, we are all part of the whole magical universe. Connected together through the symphony of light and sound. Electromagnetic harmonies surrounding us and within us.

For me at least all of this information helps with an understanding of a couple of things much more clearly than I ever have before.

I understand now why raising our vibration through mind, body and emotions feels so right. The higher our vibration means by definition the higher proportion of PSU’s vibrating in or closer to the BEC state of waveform oneness. Remember all 5 states coexist simultaneously.

Additionally, to feel more like the oneness of the interconnect BEC rather than the separateness of the individual atom, we can also try to place ourselves in a state of rest. This is why, in my humble opinion meditation allows the individual to feel the sense of connection to the universe more strongly. For in the state of meditation we are placing ourselves in a state of rest and that allows us to connect with the true state of the universe, we become like the 5th state. It allows for PSU’s to become charged by the symphony of light and sound.

We have the opportunity to utilize both energy domains; external and internal. Externally we can increase our vibration by increasing our current flow of energetic connectivity to our surroundings: Solid (Earth), Liquid (Water), Air (Gas) & Sun/Heliosphere (Plasma). Internally we can seek out the silence and stillness of infinity and seek current flow from the fabric of the universe itself.  Both ways of seeking out charge and harmony provide us with opportunity to experience the true state of our wonderful universe. All is one.

I have one more post to finish off this series about matter*.  So look out for that. It might even build upon my definition of this thing called life in the 3rd dimension. It may also raise some controversy.

That and lots more coming soon somewhere in Brett’s Future.

I am honored and humbled that you have followed my journey this far.

I am forever yours sincerely in the state of the condensate.

We are one,


*UPDATE: the final post in the series is now published. Click the link to read how I wrap everything up and tell the story of the true interconnected nature of matter in ‘The Story of Matter: Part 5 – We are Five


The Story of Matter: Part 3 – The Particle of Particles

In order to fully understand this post I highly recommend you read the other 3 connected posts. The links will open up separate tabs for you to do that. ‘Can you feel the Vibe?, ‘The Story of Matter: Part 1‘ & ‘The Story of Matter: Part 2‘.

I want to show you something amazing. Have a look at this!


Do you see that? It’s a bubble. Well more precisely it’s a sphere. Amazing isn’t it. Do you know what it represents? Let me tell you, but first let me help you imagine something first.

Imagine you are standing in the middle of a large stadium. Perhaps one like any of these.

Now imagine if you will that while you are standing in the middle of the stadium it was filled up to the brim with the spheres I showed you.



Can you picture it? It’s sort of like you’re inside a giant ball pit.

Ball pit


Now I’d like you to get a little creative with your imagination as you are standing in the middle of the stadium surrounded by these spheres. Can you do that for me?

OK so you’re in the stadium and in pour the spheres. They’re all around you and pretty soon they fill the stadium up like a big bubble bath. Imagine that as soon as the stadium was full instantly at that moment the spheres reduced in size by 50%. Suddenly the stadium is less full right?

So here’s the creative bit. Imagine this process of filling up and reducing in size by half kept repeating over and over and over again. Pretty soon those bubbly spheres are going to get tinier and tinier in size. But remember, your still standing in the middle of the stadium and these spheres are still surrounding you. The stadium keeps getting filled up with them, just like a bath tub. But every time it fills the bubbles shrink in size again.

If you repeated this process of filling and shrinking these bubbles over and over and over again, billions of times do you know what you would end up with? Do you know how it would feel? How it would look? Surrounded by countless billions upon billions of tiny spherical bubbles. Let me show you.

It would look like this!

Soccer - Under 21 International Friendly - England v Italy - Wembley Stadium

Can you see how different it looks?

The above photo is a photo that someone has taken surrounded by these little tiny spheres. Can you see how different it looks to what you would see if you stood in the stadium yourself?

You can’t see any difference? Do you think it looks exactly the same as if there were no bubbles inside the stadium?

Very clever. You are correct, it looks exactly the same.

However, did you realize that everywhere you go you are walking around (or perhaps swimming around is a better word) in all of these bubbles? Did you know that? Well you do now.

Ladies and gentlemen please allow me to introduce you to the smallest thing in the universe.

It is called the Planck Spherical UnitPSU for short.

These PSU’s are tiny and they are everywhere. The universe is filled with them. And when I say tiny, I mean tiny.

Try and wrap your head around this for a moment.

Inside the sphere below there is a dot. Can you see the dot? The dot is only 0.1mm in diameter. It is about the smallest thing that the human eye can see. The image next to it shows it under 250% magnification so you can see it more easily.


Now think about this. I’m going to need your imagination again, I hope you don’t mind.

Imagine, if you can, to the best of your ability, just how unfathomably large the universe is. Just for a second, really try and wrap your brain about it. Take your thoughts out beyond the solar system, beyond the Milky Way, beyond the Virgo Supercluster all the way to the very edges of the universe. It’s huge right? Mind bogglingly huge.

Now compare the size of this unfathomable universe to the tiny dot in the middle of the bubble above. There’s a big difference between the 2 right? An enormous difference.

OK, have you got that thought in your mind?

Now understand this.

The universe is to the tiny 0.1mm dot as the dot is to the PSU.

Let me repeat that in a slightly different way. The tiny 0.1mm dot is the equidistant central point (size wise) between the PSU and the universe as a whole.

That is how tiny, tiny, tiny a PSU is. It’s mind bending isn’t it? But these things are everywhere. They surround us. They are us. Everything in this dimension of the whole wide wonderful universe is made up of PSU’s.

We are all just one big can of PSU soup, if you want to think of it that way.

These are the smallest possible things measurable to mankind. You remember in my post ‘Can you feel the Vibe?‘ I said that the smaller the item the faster its relative speed of vibration. So under that principle these PSU’s are the fastest vibrating thing that exists in the whole universe.

Why is that important? Because PSU’s are the fabric of what we know as space time.

Do you remember this image from my post ‘Can you feel the Vibe?’


I used it to help describe the phenomena whereby the faster something vibrates (ie the speed it travels from point A to point B and back again) the closer and closer the object can be said to be at a state of rest. So if PSU’s are the fastest moving things in the universe then is stands to reason that they could also be described as the slowest moving thing in the universe. I mean if they are infinitely fast they must to any observation look to be in a state of rest, being both everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

So if you will, allow this thought to just sit with you. Live in the question remember.

I will leave you with one final tidbit of information for today.

Do you remember in my post ‘Understanding the 4%‘ I discussed the 4 states of matter. Solid, liquid, gas & plasma. Remember I said that in reality the only difference between each state was the amount of energy contained within the matter. Less energy = more solid, more energy = less solid.

Did you know that only recently science has been able to confirm the existence of a 5th state of matter?

Do you know how they found it? Science has finally developed the technology to be able to test an ages old theory about this state of matter. They have proven it’s existence. It’s a state of matter that might change everything about the way we look at the universe.

This new state of matter is something I will tell you about next time……….somewhere in Brett’s Future.

Stay tuned, the way this state of matter behaves might just blow you away.

I can feel your vibes increasing already! Mine are too!

In unity,


UPDATE: ‘The Story of Matter: Part 4 – The 5th State‘ out now, click on the link to read.

If you want to hear some more information about these things have a listen to the amazing Nassim Haramein discuss the quantum field. This man is revolutionizing quantum physics with his methods.



Can you feel the Vibe?

vibrating dot


Have you ever noticed that the smaller something is the faster its relative speed?

Let me explain with a few examples.

The most obvious one I can think of is the relative speed of an electron spinning around the nucleus of an atom compared to say the relative speed of a planet spinning around a star. I mean, that one’s an obvious one. But the same principle seems to work for so many different types of examples. Here are a few more;

  • the lumbering speed of the elephant v’s the sharp scurrying speed of the mouse
  • the power and the grace of a whale v’s the nimble darting ability of the sardine
  • the frantic spin of the small gear wheel v’s the steady turn of the large gear wheel
  • the whizzing spiral of water down a sink v’s the steady majestic whirl of a spiral galaxy

All of these examples show a natural, dare I say universal, commonality. This universal principle might be summarized by the following simple statement.

The bigger the object is, the slower its relative speed appears to be. The smaller the object is, the faster its relative speed appears to be.

Does this statement make sense to you? I’m sure that there are many other examples of this phenomenon that could be sighted. You can probably think of a few yourself.

This universal principle is such a fundamental thing to understand because everything, and I mean everything, in our magnificent universe is affected by this principle.

Did you also know that an object can also be sped up so fast that it can appear as if it were at rest? For example, take a wheel, you probably see this illusion all of the time, if the wheel is spinning at the right speed what happens?

Check out this video and see (watch as the dial on the right increases the RPM’s).


With this example it actually shows that speed is circular not linear. You can speed up so much as to hit the point of rest (the speed of the object is so fast that it is has the identical properties as a body at rest).


If an object was moving back and forth between two points (such as the dot in the animated .gif at the top of the post) with such speed that it reached point A and point B within an infinitesimally small difference in time an observer would say that the object was at rest. Moreso, the observer would say that the object was at both points (and everywhere in between) simultaneously. At such high speeds you could almost say the the object was both everywhere and nowhere simultaneously because both statements would be true.

So what do these thoughts about speed have to do with the universe & why is it important?

Because speed as measured as vibration (ie the movement of an object back and forth between two points) is what is happening to every single thing in the whole universe.

You’ve heard of this haven’t you? That everything in the universe is vibrating?

I mean we already know that this is true for every single atom on the elementary table. So at the very least we know that it is true for the human experience. We know that everything on Earth is vibrating. Are we in agreement? If you have any doubts, just live in the question as I always say.

I’m sure that you also are aware that vibration is a form of energy.  Or is energy is a form of vibration? Either way energy and vibration are inter-related.

So the smaller the object the faster its relative speed/vibration (the electron v’s the planet remember). It also means that the faster its relative vibration proportionally the more energy it contains. That is why there is so much power emitted when splitting the atom, the energy held within is so enormous.

Everything in the universe is vibrating. The smaller the object the higher the relative speed of vibration. The higher the vibrational speed the more relative energy is at play. I know it sounds like I’m repeating myself, I just want to make sure you understand the points I’m making about speed, vibration and energy.

Did you know that it is the relative vibrational speed, or more precisely the relative energy (resulting from or caused by that vibration) that forms the basis of all matter everywhere in the whole wide ginormous universe that we call home?

You didn’t? Well you’re in luck!

Stayed tuned because I am going to explain something to you about matter and the universe that I suspect you may never have heard of before. Hang on to your hats, the Story of Matter is coming to you in the very near Brett’s Future*.

Remember, everything & I mean everything is connected. Soon you will realize exactly what I mean when I say that.

Thank you for reading, you have my utmost gratitude.

*UPDATE: Clink on the link link to read the amazing – ‘The Story of Matter: Part 1 – Understanding the 4%

In Unity,



Hey Universe! I’m not impressed!

Logarhitmic radial photo of the universe by pablo budassi 9MFK
G’day, great to have you back again. Did you see that video showing how big the Universe is? Wow, pretty awesome huh?

After watching that video you know what conclusion I came to?

I’m not that impressed.

I don’t mean I’m not impressed in that ‘I’ve seen bigger’ kind of way. I know that kind of look (don’t ask). No, I mean I’m not that impressed in the ‘I just don’t get it, so leave me alone my brain hurts’ kind of way.

Now I can do the whole, wow that was cool kind of response when I watch that video and then move on to the next thing on my mind as well as anyone can. But this time I decided not to.

I said to myself – now Brett, you owe it to yourself as a citizen of the Universe to at least spend a little time trying to get your brain around the enormity of that freakin’ thing.

So I tried. I sat down, took a deep breath and tried as hard as I could to understand it, to ‘know’ it.

Well maybe not ‘know’ it in the sense that I ‘know’ that 2 + 2 = 4 but perhaps in the sense that I ‘know’ that the Earth is spinning at 1,675 kilometers per hour (that’s 465 meters per second people! – see I just moved half a kilometer in the time you took to read this).

So I sorta ‘know’ that fact ’cause I’ve seen animated .gifs showing it.
Rotating earth

It’s not because I really ‘know’ it, I just choose to accept it and I do my best to get my head around what that actually means.

I sorta ‘know’ what it means. I’ve traveled fast in airplanes before so I get the gist of speed (a 747-400’s top speed is around 920 km/h or about 55% the speed of Earth’s spin at the equator).

So when it comes to how awesomely big the Universe is I ‘know’ it because I’ve seen video’s like the one I posted.

I ‘know’ space, I see it all around me. For example, I’m 195cm tall (let’s call it 2 meters) and being that tall means that at sea level I can see the Earth for a whopping 5.1km before the horizon drops away (sorry if you’re vertically challenged, you see a little less).

Now I’ve traveled lots in my life and have done plenty of 5km trips. So when I visualise in my mind the distance to the horizon, I get it, I mean I ‘know’ it. My mind can grasp that.

I hear you, 5 kilometers isn’t very far and you’re right. But I’m trying to form a clarity in my mind of the space of that distance. I’ve physically experienced that distance so it is a meaningful concept to my brain. 5 kilometers is the distance covered to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge 4.35 times. I ‘know’ that distance.

Sydney Harbour Bridge from Circular Quay

Now when I think about space, you know, that stuff you see when you look up at night (especially away from city lights) that meaningful concept that I had in my brain previously does its utmost to work its magic and help me to ‘know’ (I mean the 2+2=4 or crossing the bridge a few times kinda ‘know’).

“So space, you big colorful twinkling thing you, how’s it going?” I ask this as I look up at the night sky. Space doesn’t answer. She’s ignorant of me I guess. I mean, I’m just this little tiny speck after all. But I shrug my shoulders and say, bugger it, I need to know more. So I persist.

“Hey, how far away are you?” I try a different tact to get her attention. All those twinkling stars taunting and teasing me, saying ‘look at me, look at me’ and I do, but they don’t answer my question. I still don’t know how far am I really seeing when I look up.

Sparkling Ribbon of Stars — The Southern Milky Way over La SillaI asked myself the question, if 5 kilometers is the farthest distance that a person can see to the horizon of our planet what is the farthest that a person can see (unassisted) into space?

When we look up and see those twinkling stars how far are the farthest away?

So I did what I had to do, I dropped my head in recognition of the enormity of the question I was asking her. Since she wouldn’t give me an answer I did what any sane person would do.


I Googled.


Google - How far can the eye see into space





So what did I find?

Google answer - how far can the eye see into space



Did you see that?

2.5 million light years!

Wow, that sounds like a big number doesn’t it? I mean 2.5 by itself is not a big number. Like 2.5 centimeters is about 1 inch, not so big. But 2.5 million inches sounds alot.

So Google says Andromeda is 2.5 million light years away, how far is that? I mean really, how far? I was determined not to flick this answer off. So I tried my best to ‘know’ the answer.

To start with I needed to ‘know’ what a million was:

Easy I said – a 1 with 6 zero’s after it. (see how clever I can be sometimes)

OK smarty pants, whats a light year? Oh-O, hello Google….

Google answer - how far is a light year in km





Ladies & gentlemen your amazing sense of sight can see for at least……..


23,651,826,181,452,000,000,000 kilometers! (that’s quintillions folks)

Now that’s 4,800,000,000,000,000,000 (4.8 quintillion) trips to the horizon and back. Phew, makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

So if the whole point of this was to try and ‘know’ the the size of the Universe well, I’m afraid I’m off to a bad start.

You see, I don’t know about you but if I can borrow the all time classic line, for I am truly ‘Lost in Space’ because ‘that does not compute’. What do you think robot?

So I’m sitting there in stark realization that I’m already a long way from being able to ‘know’ the Universe because I’m only out as far as Andromeda and already I feel totally inadequate in my ability to ‘know’ that distance.

Do you want to know how big the Universe is?

Well the farthest we can see unassisted is pretty much 24 with 18 zero’s after it, but that is nothing, I mean nothing, compared to the whole (observable) Universe.

You see the (observable) Universe as far as size is concerned is well, freakin’ huge! Look at this number from Google:

Google answer - the size of the universe

OK, let me leave you with this folks:

Me = 0.002 kilometers

Horizon = 5 kilometers

Earth Circumference = 40,000 kilometers

Moon = 363,000 kilometers (at perigee – tonight 12th July 2014 – go look)

Sun = 150,000,000 kilometers

Andromeda = 23,651,826,181,452,000,000,000 kilometers (24 quintillion)

Universe =  870,387,203,477,433,600,000,000,000 kilometers (870 septillion)

So when I say “Hey Universe, I’m not impressed.” I mean it. My brain cannot fathom the enormity of what you truly are. Your truth, well I just cannot form an appropriate impression of it in my brain.

I’m sorry to tell you that Universe. Please don’t be offended, you are still one of my all time favorite things in well the universe.

However, you’re just so big. So I will remain forever in awe of your awesomeness but if you don’t mind, I might just try to think about the Universe within for a little while. Maybe that will make more sense. More thoughts perhaps for another day somewhere in Brett’s Future.

May the Universe be in you,


Ladies & Gentlemen – Our Universe.

Dear Reader,

It is with profound delight that I welcome you here this evening/day/morning. I am thrilled that you’ve chosen to spend the next 5 minutes of your valuable time with me your host. Please take a seat, I would like to introduce you to someone quite special. Without further introduction, I give you, Our Universe;

Final Word:

I now know what it is to be awed. The mere mental effort to attempt to fathom the enormity without and the enormity within. I mean it leaves one with well, a nonsensical sensation in the brain that I can only attribute to being something approaching the condition best known as awe.

Now, thank you very much for your valuable time. I am most honored you chose to spend 5 minutes with me. It’s just that well I thought that the video just had to be shared.

May the Universe be with you,