Silent Glade/Whispering Wind


And so another chapter of my life ends. With the completion of this not so journally journal. The pages lasted from 31st July 2015 to early September 2016. A full 401 days of random thoughts, momentous realisations, garbage, silence, doodles, quotes, sketches, poetry, creative writing, pleas for help, deep deep empathic love and a bunch of other shit.

It almost seems profound that the only pen I could find tonight was this red one. Red, the colour of blood, the colour of the heart, the colour of the root chakra. The colour of many sunsets I’ve watched while writing in this book. Those sunsets are always tinged with clouds and made more beautiful as a result.

I sit here at the Capricorn Caves campground just north of Rockhampton on a perfectly still night. The crescent moon has just set in glorious radiance leaving me here , alone with nothing but these last two pages in my book and a blood red pen.

It is so still tonight. It’s as if the trees surrounding the glade have spread their protective branches to enclose me in their loving embrace. Only the crickets, frogs and owls can be heard. All else is silence. It’s exhilarating!

Now, where was I? Sorry, I got lost in the moment. It is now day 402 of my nomad wanderings. Once again I am in the company of the crescent moon. I sit on the beach at 1770, a little seaside hamlet north of Bundaberg. A swirling sea breeze is blowing providing a dance on the calm sea as it shimmers in the moonlight. Occasionally thick clouds float by and cast the sea into darkness leaving sound my only clues to the secrets it is trying to tell me.

There is only one answer that can satisfy the whispers of the breeze as it swirls around my face.

“We are one, you and I” the breeze assures me as it whispers in my ear.

“Although you may perceive me as only air, you would be mistaken. You see I am so much more than that. I am pure energy manifest! I am pure energy on a journey from here to there, giving and receiving freely, seeking sympathetic vibration with all the energy I encounter on my journey. I skim across sand and water and rock, grass and trees. I touch them all, I give them my energy freely and they respond, in their own way, naturally. And we bond, all of the energetic entities and myself, we bond and all is as it should be. Then I move on, riding the currents of tachyons elsewhere. You see, we are not so very different, you and I. Thank you for letting me bond with you. Onward I go!”

With that the breeze dies down, a wisp across my cheek like the soft fingers of a friend saying farewell. A final toss of my hair and it was gone. The air was still.

I sat there for a long moment as the clouds parted and the moon lit up the sea once more. I took a deep breath and smiled at the wonder of the universe. What a place we live in hey? The only problem I have now is that I need a new notepad as this is the end of this one.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading.

Much Love,



PS: Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as I post some hidden gems from my journal, somewhere in Brett’s Future 🙂



Time passes us by and in the blink of an eye the years roll on, they sure do fly.


And in our minds lay trapped the dreams of yesterday.

And in our hearts lay trapped the fears for tomorrow.

And in our bodies lay trapped the poisons of today.


We dream of our glorious past, of our youth, our innocence, our freedom; a dream we think is all but gone.

We’re haunted by our fearful future, of war and hatred and violence and pain; a dream we think is all too real.


“Wake up, wake up!” I shout it loud.

“Sleep no more, stand up, be proud!”


We are not the dreamers we think we are, we are humanity, we are real and we’ve come so far.

Too far to let it all go to waste as we believe the lies we are fed in our haste.

Our haste is the problem don’t you see. We’re distracted, confused, blinded in our misery.

Disease increases every year. Unhappiness rises with every tear.

We drink the cool aid poison that is really just fear.

And to our captors we ironically give cheer.


Our lives are deluded when love is excluded. Don’t you see what they’re trying to do?


“Wake up, wake up!” I shout it loud.

“Sleep no more, stand up, be proud!”


Sleep no more, cast false dreams aside. Our future can be beautiful if in our hearts we abide.


Can’t you see the lies you’ve been told, all designed to fill you with fear?

A false flag driven manufactured enemy. The fear of this strips you of freedom as you shout out your hatred of those you think are the enemy. Their lie has worked.

A debt riddled slave economy. The fear of this strips you of freedom as you give of yourself 9 to 5 to serve your master spending so little time serving yourself and those you love. Their lie has worked.

A disease generating ‘health’ system. The fear of this strips you of freedom as you pop your pills for the invented disease and you inject yourself to try to live. Their lie has worked.

A nanny state ‘protection’ system. The fear of this strips you of freedom as you pass ‘big brother’ camera after camera walking along. We allow it for fear that something may go wrong. Their lie has worked.

A mind controlling mass media system. The fear of this strips you of freedom as you want and need what they sell to you, that item you must have just in order to feel (normal, sane, satisfied, justified, like you fit in, like you’re alive). They tell you what they want you to hear and like an inanimate sponge you soak it up. Their lie has worked.


“Wake up, wake up!” I shout it loud.

“Sleep no more, stand up, be proud!”


We have the chance to change these things. We have the chance to truly be free. Reject the lies, just wake up and see that we are one, we are humanity.


A beautiful future is waiting ahead. You need courage to realize the lies being fed. Stop feeding on fear and step into the light. Reclaim your freedom for it is your right.


Time passes us by and in the blink of an eye the years roll on, they sure do fly.


As we begin to awaken to the real world outside we realize the truth within.


Our dreams of yesterday can be wonderful memories, the foundations of who we are.

Our dreams of the future can be exciting and inspiring filled with the wonders of who’ll we’ll become.


It is in our waking moments of this time we are in now, the present, our rock of true reality, where the answer does lay. It is in this moment of here and now where there is only this question to ask.

“Will you live in this moment right here, right now, with fear in your heart? Or will you wake up, shout it loud, and announce to the world that you live in LOVE?”


Choose wisely, your future depends on it.


We are one, we must never forget that,



NB – I choose LOVE!

The Wind

Joseph Mallord William Turner - Snow Storm - Steam-Boat off a Harbour's Mouth - WGA23178
There is a wind blowing. A fierce, chill wind. One that stings your skin and waters your eyes. You struggle to progress in the face of this wind. The harder you try the stronger it blows. It is now a gale.

Curiously, if you turn askance to the gale, change your direction, its power subsides. You turn again, the wind is now at your back and it has become a gentle breeze cooling you as you stroll along. As long as you remain in this direction the breeze is your friend, encouraging you, coaxing you to continue as you are. You allow it to do so as you choose the path of least resistance.

You notice another, moving in the opposite direction, head down, coat billowing in the face of the full force gale. You call out to him.

“Turn around, the breeze is gentle”.

He looks up at you first with anger but then with pity.

“I cannot” he replies.

“Why not?” you ask.

“That is the wrong direction” he says with sadness.

“But why struggle, it’s so much easier and more pleasant this way” you advise.

“Is it really?” he retorts.

You nod and walk on by.

You pass another struggling against the wind.

“Why struggle?” you state.

“Don’t you see?” she replies.

“See what?” you ask confused.

“You are just following the wind” she points out.

“Maybe so, but why not follow it?” I demand.

“You are not thinking, you are not of your own mind, you are deluded!” She yells angrily lowering her head and pushing forward into the wind.

You stroll some more, it is such a pleasant breeze, gentle, supporting, comfortable. You don’t really mind which direction you take you say to yourself. So why not take the easy path? What’s wrong with letting the breeze guide me? You look around and see plenty of others heading in the same direction and nod to yourself, reassured that your decision is correct.

A little further down you see a family struggling into the gale. The parents are holding hands, helping one another as they each drag a reluctant child behind. One of the children continually looks behind at the others heading in the other more comfortable direction.

“I don’t want to go this way Daddy. Why do we have to go this way? All my friends are going the other way” the child pleads.

“We are going this way because it is the right thing to do my dear. I know it’s harder, but if you search your heart you’ll realise that it is the right way” the father replies reassuringly.

Their voices die off as you walk away shaking your head at the sight.

You continue to wander. Your body feels relaxed and if you keep yourself distracted by the sights and sounds around you, you feel comfortable. However, in the recesses of your mind phrases keep emerging. That is the wrong direction, is it really easier, you are not of your own mind, you are deluded, it is the right thing to do, search your heart. These words beat a rhythm in your mind that matches your steps while you continue down the path the wind wants to take you. As if sensing your hesitance the breeze picks up pace as others in front of you encourage you forward with a wave of their arms.

Suddenly you stop and stand dead still. The wind begins to whip around you but you hold firm. You think to yourself, do I really want to simply follow, where do I really want to head, where am I actually going, where are we all going?

These thoughts race through your mind as you look at the multitude of others that are simply following the path of least resistance. You peer forward and notice for the first time that the horizon suddenly drops away as sheer as a cliff face. Everyone walking, by themselves, alone, heading blindly for the mysterious horizon.

You turn and look in the opposite direction and notice that those that are walking into the gale are banding together, joining hands, helping one another as they struggle forward. You notice that in the distance the ground rises and rises into a mountain. Groups, hordes, bound together are struggling forward, an ever growing sea of people joining forces to choose, not the easy way, but a different way.

Your eyes follow the curve of the slope all the way to the top as you notice the first groups of people reaching the summit. They are bathed in sunlight. You can see that at the summit there is no longer any wind. Those that reach the summit first immediately turn to help those that are still struggling. Despite their own exhaustion you understand that they want to continue the camaraderie, the sense of community they found on their way to the summit. They shrug off their fatigue and turn and help as many as they can. Theirs is a new beginning, a new way.

Thoughts race through your mind as you glance back at the people following the breeze, the easy way. To what end you cannot see, the path’s end is obscured or non existent. As you once again face blustery force you notice an old lady stumble and fall as she struggles against the gale. You go to her and hold out your hand.

“Here, let me help you, I’m heading in your direction anyway” you say to her.

She looks up at you with glistening eyes and a broad smile.

“Thank you for being so wise” she says.


In the spirit of Ubuntu,


The Story of You


My arms tingle as I exhale for the final time. Stillness surrounds me, no movement, no thought. Words on a page a blunt instrument with which to describe the state of nothingness within the dark void that my mind had drifted into.

Strange that I could comprehend these thoughts, but as my master had often said – all is possible with sufficient retrospection.

A vibration, so subtle, like a rumor, sounded within the ether. My signal to return. I allowed my consciousness to fall into the rhythm of the wave oscillating within the nothingness. The wave gently carries me through ever increasing streams back to the main river of consciousness. Simultaneously for the briefest of moments I was all and I was one.

A sound. I smiled, for once more my master had caught me hesitating in my return back from eternity and into reality. I opened my eyes and immediately saw the gleaming joyful eyes of Master Yonten, my guide.

“Welcome back young one. What have you learned on your journey this time?”

I stare for sometime as I collect my thoughts about the lesson I had learned whilst in eternity.

“Master, I have learned about stories.” My statement sounded very matter of fact I realized even though a shiver of emotion ran through my body as I spoke the words. I waited for a response to my words but silence was my reply.

“Master, I did not realize until now the importance of the story of You.” I shuffle slightly as I sit, knowing that my words are inadequate.

“Please explain” Master Yonten’s eyes bored into mine, searching for the truth behind my words.

“Master, I realize now that every human being that has ever lived has had to overcome obstacles. Also, it doesn’t matter what the obstacle was or how others might judge its significance. What matters is that in the mind and in the heart of the individual the obstacle was real and it posed a challenge.” I search my master’s eyes seeking reassurance for my understanding. But still I am unsure.

“Master, every human being that has ever lived!” I repeat almost questioningly.

“Or ever will live young one, do not forget that. Obstacles are a necessary ingredient in life for they allow us to grow.” Master Yonten’s eyes gleamed as he spoke as if the subject sparked something deep inside him.

“Yes Master, I see that now. I have been so focused on all the obstacles that I must face each day that I forgot everyone else was in the same position.” I bow my head as a sense of remorse washes over me. My master clears his throat and I raise my eyes once more to face him.

“Of course everyone is in the same position young one, for they are all just another you.”

I nod at my master’s wisdom and the truth behind his words.

“Master, I have just grasped something else. Something important I think.” Now it was my eyes that gleamed as a spark lit deep inside me as well.

“Of course you have young one. Please tell me what have you discovered?”

“I understand now that every person that is alive today and every person that has ever or will ever live has a magnificent story to tell. For surely overcoming obstacles is the key ingredient in all of the greatest stories ever told is it not?” I looked excitedly at my master.

“You are correct young one, all do have a magnificent story to tell.”

“But what if nobody wants to listen to the magnificent story? What if it remains untold.” My brow creased as I considered the sadness behind the implication of my words.

“That cannot happen young one.” My master said calmly.

“How can we avoid it? Who will tell the story? Who will listen?” I tried to match my master calmness but failed.

“There is only one answer to that young one. There only ever has been one answer to that and only ever will be one answer to that.”

“What is the answer Master? Who will tell the story, who will listen?” My voice pitched higher in my eagerness to know the answer.

“You will.” Master Yonten’s reply was blunt as if it was self evident. It left me confused.

“Me? But how, I am only one being among billions of beings?” My eyes widened as I considered the implications of the task.

“You misunderstand me young one. When I say you, I am not speaking to you, I am speaking to the ALL.”

“The ALL Master? What do you mean?”

“Young one, it is wise of you to ask the question of who will tell and who will listen. The answer is as it has always been.” My master paused then as his eyes became unfocused. I had the impression that he was speaking to me but also beyond me simultaneously.

“You, yes You, you have a magnificent story to tell full of courage, tenacity and boldness and the most important person you should tell that story to is none other than – Yourself.” Master Yonten remained still as his words flowed into me. They resonated deep inside and I could instantly see their truth. It was a truth that lifted my soul.

“Master, you are right, my life’s journey has been punctuated by obstacles consistently. Some obstacles were easy, others were life threatening, but all obstacles were life changing, I see that now.” My master remained silent as I spoke, but I knew he was listening to my words.

“Master, I feel something different, deep inside. As I’ve been remembering the obstacles I’ve faced and overcome I have heard it. As I understand the magnificence of my own story the sound I hear inside grows louder. It is wonderful, a sound so pure and full of love. Master I think I know what that sound is.” I paused and returned to silence as I tuned myself into the sound.

I understood intuitively what the sound was. It was the soundtrack to my own magnificent story of obstacles overcome. I looked back at my master and smiled, eager to tell him what I was hearing.

“Master, the sound that I hear. It is the sound of my soul singing and it is the most beautiful song I have ever heard in my life.”

My master smiled as I spoke, a knowing expression on his face.

“Ah young one, I am overjoyed for you. You have learned one of the ways to hear your song. Whenever you feel the need to hear it again, especially at times when you face new obstacles, just listen to your own magnificent story. The story of You.”



In honor of the magnificent story of YOU,



The Lie of the Lily

White Lillies

Image: insieme by amira_a

The little girl held tighter to her fathers hand, her bottom lip trembling. Sunken eyes stared towards the front of the church and at the wooden box before her. Mournful tears caressed her cheeks, her throat constricted in torture. Her mother lay beyond her reach now, within the box, guarded by white lilies.

From this moment and forever white lilies meant death.


A boy tumbles over and over, giggling in the sun. Down the grassy hill he rolls as he watches out for his mother. He notices the sun glisten off her hair as she crouches down before him. Then she lies upon the ground to snap the pretty flowers. In her hand a camera deftly held. He watches as his mother smiles and snaps those pretty white lilies in the field.

From this moment and forever white lilies meant beauty.


A boy watched his uncle sign off his written letter. He folded it and placed it on his lap. The boy surprised to see the soldier crying. His father placed a supportive hand as he too watched his brother. He’s going to war, his father said, and he’s very, very scared. He’s afraid that he will never see his one true love again. The boy watched as tears fell to the white lilies on his lap.

From this moment and forever white lilies meant fear.


The girl skipped for joy as she left the church trailing behind her aunty. She spun around in pure glee as the rice came tumbling down. The air was filled with sunshine and birdsong, it was the happiest she could be. She looked up at her aunty, beaming in radiant beauty watching her as she kissed the man who held her hand. The girl twirled in joy. Her heart sang as she smelt the sweet perfume of the white lilies in her hand.

From this moment and forever white lilies meant love.


Death, beauty, fear, love – how can they all be true?

They are not you see, it’s those damn lilies – they’ve been lying to you.

I felt relieved when I realized this. Tricky little lilies, making me argue and fight. I always thought my lilies were right. Turns out the lilies are liars.

You see they were never the answer all along, they were always the question?

I honor the lilies that you hold,


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It’s about LIFE


Life. What a wonderful thing it is. It surrounds us everywhere we look. It grows, it renews itself, it struggles against all odds just to be. And despite those odds it always seems to find a way. It’s amazing isn’t it? But what is it?

Do you remember that favour I asked you? You know, about living in the Question.

I ask it because life is about to get pretty crazy as the world of Science Fiction and Science Fact collide. The only way to remain sane in this type of world is to live in the Question.

So without judgement or bias, imagine if you will that the following statement about what life truly is could possibly or even remotely be true. What would it mean for you? For me? For life as we know it?

A proposition for consideration:

Three dimensional LIFE is the flow of electrons through a hydrated liquid crystalline structure that is energized by the flow of Tachyon Energy.

Tachyon Energy is the life force energy that exists within the charged plasma particles that fill the universe. It is carried as sub-atomic quanta within these electrons that flow through all living matter, in fact all matter.*

Now hang on a minute I hear you say! The Universe, that great big expanse of space that surrounds us is a vacuum isn’t it? That’s what I’ve always been told. That’s what I was taught at school.

I see you shuffle uncomfortably in your chair. You think to yourself, if it’s a vacuum then that means it’s filled with nothing, right? (Update – See NASA’s admission)

Or maybe it’s filled with that dark matter stuff I heard this science guy once talk about you ponder further. You scroll back up and re-read the statement. Ha! If the universe is a vacuum then how can it be filled with these charged plasma particles.

How indeed? But live in the Question remember. Just allow it, at least for now. Go on, humour me.

You shuffle again as you keep reminding yourself that it’s filled with nothing and dark matter, not these charged plasma particles. But in the spirit of Science Fiction you are at least willing to read on. With a shrug and a sigh you say OK, whatever, have it your way.

So what? What difference does it make if there’s stuff in space. It’s still big and dark and mostly empty.

So what indeed. Are we not part of this Universe? Have you not heard that the bottom line is that we are made from stardust? The planet Earth and everything we know exists within this Universe. So if the Universe is full of these charged plasma particles then that means that they are all around us and they helped create us.

Do you know what this means? Do you? It’s so exciting I can barely contain myself.

It means that we are not Biological we are ELECTRICAL!


Now that’s something to sit and ponder don’t you think?

Why not learn more about the Electric Universe? The evidence being gathered for this hypothesis is rapidly breaking down the barriers between Science Fiction and science fact.


Also, if we’re electrical what does that mean for our brain and thought? Fuel for another day somewhere in Brett’s Future.

Until then my friends I remain grateful to you for following my journey. I’m sending a positive flow of electrons your way right now – can you feel the buzz?

Here’s a poem I dedicated to our electric selves it’s called Electric Love.

Have you ever seen a Starling Murmuration? It is one of the most awe inspiring things to see. Click here to see a wonderful video of this, I call it the Dance of Love.

*Update: See how my definition of LIFE has expanded following my post called…….“Hey There, What’s That Sound?”


Stay tuned,



Are you willing to live in the Question?

Be the leaf on the wind

Be the leaf on the wind

Well, where to start?

How about we start at the beginning? That’s always a good place.

To begin with I’d like to ask you a favor. Is that OK?

I mean to say that my statement above is not a rhetorical question. I really do want to ask you a favor.

You see, I’m just a guy whose had a bunch of experiences that are unique. Just as you are who you are and just as unique.

I find myself at this point in my life taking my first few tentative steps on a new path. The path of transforming myself into a writer. Not just a writer, but maybe even one day a published author. Phew, saying that wasn’t so hard after all.

But what will I write about? A reasonable question I hear you ask. Well I guess the obvious thing to write about is the thing I am most passionate about, right? Right! Well what if you don’t know what you’re most passionate about? In that case you have no choice but to write about whatever is upper most on your mind.

So I sit here on a cold winter’s day and stare at the bare tree outside my window. The last leaf clings desperately to its mother, that which it has only known. But mother nature has a different plan as the blustery wind severs the bond and the earth colored fractal is blown away. It was then that I realized there was only one answer, well two more than likely.

Science Fiction and Fantasy. That’s what it’ll be for me. You see for me these genres more than any other ask of you, no demand of you to live in the Question.

For example;

What if we could dematerialize and rematerialize? Would we have these machines in our homes? Would Trekkers call them the “beam-me-ups”?

What if we could rapidly heal ourselves, without having to have Adamantium bonded to our skeleton. Would we be called the Wolverines?

What if we could develop mental powers without the need of a Golden Torc. Would we be the Exiles?

What if we could meld minds together like Bliss and her kin to connect and create like Asimov said. Perhaps we’d not be called Gaian but Earthers instead?

What if there truly was a Puzzle Ring like Hannah’s, a key if you like, to open a doorway to another realm.

You see when we read our Science Fiction and Fantasy books, we live in the Question for every single page. We allow ourselves to plunge right in and let the flow of the story carry us away.

So in light of all that I’ve just said; back to that favor I wanted to ask you.

The point is, I have a story to tell. Well probably a few stories actually. So for my stories, as for any good book that wraps you up and carries you away, can I ask for you to live in the Question? Do not seek out this answer or that answer but to just allow it to be.

Let me paint a world for you. A fantastic world full of the magic mentioned above.

If you will allow me, I will paint a picture for you of a world of tomorrow. I will tell a tale of the past, present and future.

Please allow me to introduce you to my Science Fiction and Fantasy world. Of course being Science Fiction insists at least in many inferences to be a world of the future. For me there is really only one future I can think of. Do you know what that is? The answer is quite simple. See, because my experiences make me unique the only future I can possibly experience is;

Brett’s Future

For further reading why not see what my definition of life is. Does it sound controversial or do you agree? Is it science fiction or science fact. You be the judge………..It’s about life.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me this far.


Yours Most Humbly,