The Story of Matter: Part 4 – The 5th State

vibrating dot


Are you ready to find out what the true nature of the Universe is like?

I recommend you catch up on my previous posts about this subject in order to fully appreciate the information I’m sharing in this post.

Here are the links you need: ‘Can you feel the Vibe?‘, ‘The Story of Matter: Part 1‘ : ‘The Story of Matter: Part 2‘ : ‘The Story of Matter: Part 3‘.

So far if you’ve followed my posts above we’ve established the following key concepts:

  • There is a universal principle that is; the smaller a vibrating object the faster its relative speed.
  • We realized that the only difference between a solid, liquid, gas or plasma is the actual speed of the vibration of the component parts (eg the atoms or the sub atomic particles).
  • We further realized that the only real way to classify everything that there is in this enormous universe is to look at it as a wave instead of as a particle. Everything in the universe can be measured on the electromagnetic wave spectrum.
  • We also discovered that if we look at the universe as being made up of particles then the particles that it is made up from are the smallest particles measurable by us, the PSU. And according to the universal principle of size/speed these particles which are mind bogglingly small are therefore infinitely fast. So fast in fact that they could be said to be in a state of rest, both being everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.

So what do you think might happen to a particle that is vibrating at the fastest speed there can ever be? Could we find out do you think? Could we perform an experiment?

The problem with speed in this material, very solid environment that we live in is that we seem to be bound by certain limits. We try, we spend billions and billions of dollars trying. We invented a thing called the Large Hadron Collider to help us do it. To date the fastest speed that this enormous piece of technology can accelerate a particle to is 299.8 million metres per second. Now that’s pretty fast. Extraordinarily fast. It is basically the speed of light.

However, despite this breakneck speed and the billions it cost to achieve it we still can’t punch through that speed of light barrier. So our hopes of achieving infinitely fast speed is hampered by the solidity of the reality we live in. Using the Large Hadron Collider to speed something up to see what happens is producing some remarkable results, the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle is an example.

But it seems that we are a long way off replicating the vibratory speed of the PSU. I mean if the PSU is the fastest thing in the universe, so fast that the speed has caught up to itself, then the Large Hadron Collider is well away from recreating that speed.

However! If we apply the principle that an infinitely fast object, for all intents and purposes could be said to be at a state of rest (ie it’s so fast it looks like it’s not moving) perhaps there is another way to discover how the PSU might behave.

And there is!

If we can’t make an object speed up to an infinitely fast speed because of the limitations of the environment we are in, can we slow an object down to a point where it is (almost) completely at rest? Remember infinitely fast and fully at rest are basically identical states.

The answer is yes! Science has discovered a way to slow the vibration of atoms down until they can be said to be at complete rest. How do they do that? What happens to the atoms when they do that?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the 5th state of matter. It is called, the Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC for short). The name’s a mouthful but there’s a reason for it.

Watch the following 2 videos and find out. Once you see what happens to atoms when they are completely at rest it will blow you away! And it also might start to make sense of many, many things.

Watch, enjoy. I have more to say after the video’s.

‘Just to think about this causes me wonder and confusion’ – Daniel Kleppner

Maybe now, by understanding how the slowest thing in the universe (the BEC) behaves we also understand how the fastest thing in the universe (the PSU) behaves.

If I can harken back to my post ‘There is no Matter’ to confirm that everything is a wave, a wonderfully interconnected PSU wave that happens to be all around us behaving as the 5th state of matter, at rest, just being. But also pulsating with energy at an infinitely fast rate, the wave of light playing the symphony of the universe.

I’m sure you have heard spiritually focused people talk about oneness or unity. I’m sure you’ve heard scientifically focused people talk about the unified field.

Now I believe we are seeing a great convergence. The coming together of the right brained spiritual mind and the left brained scientific mind to form a common understanding of the universe. All is one, all is interconnected, we are not separate atoms, we are all part of the whole magical universe. Connected together through the symphony of light and sound. Electromagnetic harmonies surrounding us and within us.

For me at least all of this information helps with an understanding of a couple of things much more clearly than I ever have before.

I understand now why raising our vibration through mind, body and emotions feels so right. The higher our vibration means by definition the higher proportion of PSU’s vibrating in or closer to the BEC state of waveform oneness. Remember all 5 states coexist simultaneously.

Additionally, to feel more like the oneness of the interconnect BEC rather than the separateness of the individual atom, we can also try to place ourselves in a state of rest. This is why, in my humble opinion meditation allows the individual to feel the sense of connection to the universe more strongly. For in the state of meditation we are placing ourselves in a state of rest and that allows us to connect with the true state of the universe, we become like the 5th state. It allows for PSU’s to become charged by the symphony of light and sound.

We have the opportunity to utilize both energy domains; external and internal. Externally we can increase our vibration by increasing our current flow of energetic connectivity to our surroundings: Solid (Earth), Liquid (Water), Air (Gas) & Sun/Heliosphere (Plasma). Internally we can seek out the silence and stillness of infinity and seek current flow from the fabric of the universe itself.  Both ways of seeking out charge and harmony provide us with opportunity to experience the true state of our wonderful universe. All is one.

I have one more post to finish off this series about matter*.  So look out for that. It might even build upon my definition of this thing called life in the 3rd dimension. It may also raise some controversy.

That and lots more coming soon somewhere in Brett’s Future.

I am honored and humbled that you have followed my journey this far.

I am forever yours sincerely in the state of the condensate.

We are one,


*UPDATE: the final post in the series is now published. Click the link to read how I wrap everything up and tell the story of the true interconnected nature of matter in ‘The Story of Matter: Part 5 – We are Five


The Story of Matter: Part 2 – There is no Matter

It’s probably a good idea to catch up on the previous 2 posts – ‘Can you feel the Vibe?‘ and then ‘The Story of Matter: Part 1 – Understanding the 4%

There is no spoon and there is no matter.

That’s what I am telling you. Everything you believe currently about matter is a fallacy.

Do you remember this pie chart from my previous post?

matter in the universe pie chart


All of my post ‘The Story of Matter: Part 1’ only covered the part of the universe occupied by the light blue wedge. 4.6% of the whole. Yes I know this number varies a bit here or there depending on the research you read. To nullify any arguments why don’t we say that mankind has a grasp on 10% of the known universe.

Do you think there is any correlation between humanity knowing about 10% of the universe and humanity using about 10% of our brain power? Just think about that.

Imagine if you were a citizen who lived in the 90% zone of the universe. It’s theoretical so just imagine it for a second. Imagine that you, as a school child of this zone were reading a school text book about what made up the universe. The pie chart might look like this:


The conversation with Dad at home that night might go like this.

‘Dad, what’s this stuff called Dark Matter? You know, the 10% of the universe that is unknown. The part that our scientists don’t know about yet. What is it Dad? Do you know?’

“Well nobody knows for certain son, that’s why we call it Dark Matter. It just appears so dense to us. The best I can say is that I’ve heard it is because that part of the universe has a problem with current flow. That part of the universe is less energetic, that’s why it’s so dense and in some places so solid. Does that make sense to you son?’

‘Sure it does Dad. That’s what I was thinking too. I reckon it’s because that area of the universe has a problem soaking up the current. Their wavelength is so long and the frequency is so low in that 10%.’

“You know what son, I think you might be right.”


Does that sound like a plausible conversation that could be had, if you lived in the other 90% zone?

So what I am saying when I say; There is no Matter. Is to say, why don’t we start looking at the Universe in the same way as the citizens of the other 90% of the Universe look at it.

What do I mean by that?

We are looking at matter and instantly in our heads we are thinking of particles.

Am I right? We have been so trained to think of matter as a tangible thing and that tangible things are made of particles.

It’s a paradigm of human thinking.

But we now know, we smart, clever humans that the more closely you look at matter the less like a particle it is.

In fact it’s clear nowadays that the more closely we inspect matter the more we realise that it is not a particle at all. It is a wave.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, if we want to understand the universe we need to give ourselves a paradigm shift. We need to realise that to truly begin to feel and understand how interconnected everything is we must view it as a wave.

We, this stuff we currently call matter, the 10% or the 4% or whatever % we want to say is actually not separated from the rest of the universe. That we are all 100% and that every thing around us is 100% part of the same spectrum of matter.

But the only way we can do that is to realise that ‘there is no spoon and that it is we who must bend’.

Humanity and the rest of the whole big wide wonderful universe are all riding the current of the electromagnetic spectrum.


Electro magnetic spectrum story

Does the universe make more sense to you now? Can your brain conceive of the fact that everything is a wave and not a particle? It’s difficult I know. So difficult that it may be the next big frontier for humanity. Imagine a worldwide push to realign our paradigm and to discover how to think like a wave instead of a particle. What could be discovered? What might lay behind that veil of thought?

So this is the point. The only way that we humans can currently describe everything in the universe is by looking at it as a waveform. The electromagnetic spectrum in all of it’s possible frequencies and amplitudes creates an overall resonance. That resonance, the overall vibe of the universe if you like is what I like to call the symphony of the universe. Because, for me anyway, the easiest way to think of waveforms is to think of sound. The universe has a hum to it. It must have because everything is a wave. We know this is true for the Earth. It’s called the Schumann Resonance. This is one of the ways that our planet gets its vibe. Watch the 22 second animation of it on the right side of the wiki page and it will make more sense.

As I always ask, please live in the question and just let my proposition sit with you for a while. Do not let your own fractals of truth prevent you from entertaining the possibility that the concept of ‘everything is a wave’ could be true and consider what it might mean.

I mentioned something in my post, ‘Hey There, what’s that Sound?’ and I’d like to repeat the analogy again here if I may. We know that as humans we have the brain power to exhort control over our emotional state. Our thoughts controlling our emotions is a well studied and documented fact. As electronic beings (I’ll keep reminding you), our emotions are one of the most powerful emitters of electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy is so powerful that it resonates in all directions through the system. So we can use this electromagnetism to our advantage. We can learn to find a resonance within the overall waveform that is the universe. A resonance that feels right, that gives charge and current flow through our electrical system.

Because we can deliberately do this via our thoughts if we choose to it means we are in control. If the resonance of the universe is akin to a symphony, are we not therefore musicians in the orchestra? We just need to tune our instrument in as best we can.

Something to ponder in your quieter moments perhaps.

I have so much more to tell you about this unfathomable universe.

The very next thing I’m going to tell you is that particles rule. Yep that’s right. It’s all about particles.

Does it sound like I’m contradicting myself after what I said earlier in this post? Well you’ll have to come back next time and find out if that’s the case.

What I will tell you may just be the missing ingredient in helping your left brain and your right brain begin to reach a level of understanding about this weird and wacky universe. That and more coming soon somewhere in Brett’s Future.

Until then my friend let’s sing the song of the universe together.

In unity,


Part 3 now published, click on the link to read: ‘The Story of Matter: Part 3 – The Particle of Particles

The Story of Matter: Part 1 – Understanding the 4%

4 states of matter


Do you remember in my last post ‘Can you feel the Vibe?‘ I explained how speed, vibration and energy control all matter in the universe? Click on the link if you missed it because it will help you make sense of this post.

You know that there are 4 officially recognized states of matter. The image above outlines them. I’m sure that you knew about Solid, Liquid and Gas. Maybe you did not realize that the 4th state of Matter is Plasma even though there is more Plasma in the universe than all of the Solid, Liquid & Gas combined. Nebula, Northern Lights, Solar winds, Cosmic rays, Lightning, Flourenscent and neon lights are all example of plasma.

Do you know what the difference is between these 4 states? I’m sure you can guess, I gave it away in my last post.

Yes, you are correct, the only difference between the 4 is the speed of vibration of the building blocks of the matter.

Because speed and vibration are synonymous with energy that means that objects with less energy become more dense.

If you strip the energy out of water you get ice (solid water). Remember also that heat is synonymous with energy. However if you add energy to water your get steam (gaseous water).

So if you have a water molecule (H20) where the vibratory speed is slowed down below a certain point the atoms will bond together forming a solid. If you add energy and therefore increase the vibration of the molecules the bonds holding the ice will begin to breakdown and the H20 will become liquid. If you increase the energy further the vibration of the molecules tears apart the remaining bonds holding it together and the H20 will become gas in the form of steam.

What happens if you increase the energy further? Well if you increase the vibration of the atoms further the bonds of the atomic structure actually fall apart and the atom ionizes releasing its protons (+ve charged particles) and electrons (-ve charged particles), the H2O is no longer H20 but has broken down into Plasma.

So the only difference between a Solid or Liquid, Gas or Plasma is the amount of energy contained within the building blocks of that item of matter. This is true for all elements, compounds and molecules. Add energy (ie vibration) and watch each of them, without exception, move through the phases of matter until eventually ionizing and becoming Plasma. Check out the following chart which shows the full scale of this using temperature as the measuring stick.

states of matter in Kelvin

This chart shows that no solids exist above 3700 degrees Celsius and that no gases exist above 13,000 Kelvin.

Now I suppose you might be saying, yeah so what, I already knew this stuff. I do apologize if that is the case, but it’s important to form a firm footing of understanding. I agree that the above information is nothing new. The state of matter corresponds to the amount of energy (or the vibration) of the object that we are observing.

However, did you notice something not quite complete about this?

The above information would be fine if what it did was explain ALL matter. But even though we know the above information do you realize exactly how much of the universe we are describing when we talk about the 4 states of matter? Just how much of the universe can be described as being either solid, liquid, gas or plasma? Do you know the answer?

About 4%!

That’s right, for all our wonderful science we understand the nature of approximately 4% of matter.

matter in the universe pie chart

The rest of the universe is described as either dark matter or dark energy. So as you can see we have big gaps in our understanding of matter in this unfathomably large universe of ours. I guess that means we have many unanswered questions about matter.

Sticking to the 4% of matter we know about for a moment, one question that comes to mind is as follows;

If matter can be transformed from an atomic structure (eg two hydrogen atoms plus one oxygen atom bonded together) into its component parts of protons and electrons to form plasma what is this ‘object’ we are observing?

We are not observing a water molecule. Sure we may describe the object as being ice or liquid water or steam when it is in the 3 lower energy states. But once it gets to plasma we can no longer describe it as a water molecule. So is there a way of describing matter and observing matter so that no matter (pardon the pun) what state (or what vibration rate) it exists in we are observing the same thing?

Ponder that for a moment.

Now let me provide one more piece of information for today.

If increasing the energetic vibration of an atom results in it transitioning from a solid to a liquid to a gas before eventually becoming so energetic that the atom falls apart into its pieces can it happen in reverse? If we take plasma and cool it down (ie strip energy away from it) will it coalesce back into the water molecule? I mean steam can become liquid again and liquid can become solid again. Can plasma become gas again?

Well the answer is yes. We are dealing with electro-magnetic forces here (remember we are electric!!) which are very, very powerful. So it is possible for the separated nucleus of the atom to once more capture the requisite electrons and again become a gas once it loses energy (ie the vibration rates slow down sufficiently).

So it works in both directions, all 4 states of matter are connected. Take a solid, add enough energy (vibration) it will become a liquid. Continue to add energy it will become a gas. Add even more energy and even atomic bonds fall apart and the atom breaks up and hey presto you have plasma and then all the way back again if you want.

It sort of reminds me of the video in my post ‘Ladies & Gentlemen: Our Universe‘. Open up a tab and have a watch, it’s awesome. The white rings you see in the video represent ‘to the power of ten’. Watch that video and think about what we’ve just discussed about matter and its inter-connectedness.

Do you remember that in my post ‘Can you feel the Vibe?‘ I said that there is a universal phenomena that says the smaller an object the faster its relative speed? The simple statement was this:

The bigger the object is, the slower its relative speed appears to be. The smaller the object is, the faster its relative speed appears to be.

Remember the example of an electron whizzing around a proton compared to a planet’s slow dance around a star.

Well I have one final question based on this for today.

If the transition from gas to plasma sees the atom actually break apart as it sheds its electrons than has that not created a smaller piece of matter? I mean separated electrons and protons are smaller by themselves than if they are bound together as an atom. So under the universal principle that means that they are vibrating faster.

If the protons and the electrons kept vibrating at faster and faster speeds would it be possible that they also break apart into something smaller again? We already know that an electron is not the smallest thing at a sub atomic level, quantum physics has proven this. So if the electron speeds up beyond a certain point does it break apart into something smaller again that is vibrating at an even faster rate (smaller = faster remember)?

I’m here to tell you that yes there are things smaller than an electron and yes they do exist and yes they are all around us. There are in fact a spectrum of smaller objects below electron size. It is these smaller objects that are the remaining 96% of the universe and they are everywhere!

However, none of that matters anymore.


Because there is no such thing as ‘matter’ that’s why.

To find out why I make this controversial assertion you’ll have to come and visit me next time, somewhere in Brett’s Future.

Stay tuned as the mysteries of the universe begin to open up.

I am so full of gratitude for your support by reading this post. Don’t miss the next one, it’s bound to intrigue.

May your vibes be ever increasing,


Part 2 now published, click on the link to read: ‘The Story of Matter: Part 2 – There is no Matter

Can you feel the Vibe?

vibrating dot


Have you ever noticed that the smaller something is the faster its relative speed?

Let me explain with a few examples.

The most obvious one I can think of is the relative speed of an electron spinning around the nucleus of an atom compared to say the relative speed of a planet spinning around a star. I mean, that one’s an obvious one. But the same principle seems to work for so many different types of examples. Here are a few more;

  • the lumbering speed of the elephant v’s the sharp scurrying speed of the mouse
  • the power and the grace of a whale v’s the nimble darting ability of the sardine
  • the frantic spin of the small gear wheel v’s the steady turn of the large gear wheel
  • the whizzing spiral of water down a sink v’s the steady majestic whirl of a spiral galaxy

All of these examples show a natural, dare I say universal, commonality. This universal principle might be summarized by the following simple statement.

The bigger the object is, the slower its relative speed appears to be. The smaller the object is, the faster its relative speed appears to be.

Does this statement make sense to you? I’m sure that there are many other examples of this phenomenon that could be sighted. You can probably think of a few yourself.

This universal principle is such a fundamental thing to understand because everything, and I mean everything, in our magnificent universe is affected by this principle.

Did you also know that an object can also be sped up so fast that it can appear as if it were at rest? For example, take a wheel, you probably see this illusion all of the time, if the wheel is spinning at the right speed what happens?

Check out this video and see (watch as the dial on the right increases the RPM’s).


With this example it actually shows that speed is circular not linear. You can speed up so much as to hit the point of rest (the speed of the object is so fast that it is has the identical properties as a body at rest).


If an object was moving back and forth between two points (such as the dot in the animated .gif at the top of the post) with such speed that it reached point A and point B within an infinitesimally small difference in time an observer would say that the object was at rest. Moreso, the observer would say that the object was at both points (and everywhere in between) simultaneously. At such high speeds you could almost say the the object was both everywhere and nowhere simultaneously because both statements would be true.

So what do these thoughts about speed have to do with the universe & why is it important?

Because speed as measured as vibration (ie the movement of an object back and forth between two points) is what is happening to every single thing in the whole universe.

You’ve heard of this haven’t you? That everything in the universe is vibrating?

I mean we already know that this is true for every single atom on the elementary table. So at the very least we know that it is true for the human experience. We know that everything on Earth is vibrating. Are we in agreement? If you have any doubts, just live in the question as I always say.

I’m sure that you also are aware that vibration is a form of energy.  Or is energy is a form of vibration? Either way energy and vibration are inter-related.

So the smaller the object the faster its relative speed/vibration (the electron v’s the planet remember). It also means that the faster its relative vibration proportionally the more energy it contains. That is why there is so much power emitted when splitting the atom, the energy held within is so enormous.

Everything in the universe is vibrating. The smaller the object the higher the relative speed of vibration. The higher the vibrational speed the more relative energy is at play. I know it sounds like I’m repeating myself, I just want to make sure you understand the points I’m making about speed, vibration and energy.

Did you know that it is the relative vibrational speed, or more precisely the relative energy (resulting from or caused by that vibration) that forms the basis of all matter everywhere in the whole wide ginormous universe that we call home?

You didn’t? Well you’re in luck!

Stayed tuned because I am going to explain something to you about matter and the universe that I suspect you may never have heard of before. Hang on to your hats, the Story of Matter is coming to you in the very near Brett’s Future*.

Remember, everything & I mean everything is connected. Soon you will realize exactly what I mean when I say that.

Thank you for reading, you have my utmost gratitude.

*UPDATE: Clink on the link link to read the amazing – ‘The Story of Matter: Part 1 – Understanding the 4%

In Unity,