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Silent Glade/Whispering Wind


And so another chapter of my life ends. With the completion of this not so journally journal. The pages lasted from 31st July 2015 to early September 2016. A full 401 days of random thoughts, momentous realisations, garbage, silence, doodles, quotes, sketches, poetry, creative writing, pleas for help, deep deep empathic love and a bunch of other shit.

It almost seems profound that the only pen I could find tonight was this red one. Red, the colour of blood, the colour of the heart, the colour of the root chakra. The colour of many sunsets I’ve watched while writing in this book. Those sunsets are always tinged with clouds and made more beautiful as a result.

I sit here at the Capricorn Caves campground just north of Rockhampton on a perfectly still night. The crescent moon has just set in glorious radiance leaving me here , alone with nothing but these last two pages in my book and a blood red pen.

It is so still tonight. It’s as if the trees surrounding the glade have spread their protective branches to enclose me in their loving embrace. Only the crickets, frogs and owls can be heard. All else is silence. It’s exhilarating!

Now, where was I? Sorry, I got lost in the moment. It is now day 402 of my nomad wanderings. Once again I am in the company of the crescent moon. I sit on the beach at 1770, a little seaside hamlet north of Bundaberg. A swirling sea breeze is blowing providing a dance on the calm sea as it shimmers in the moonlight. Occasionally thick clouds float by and cast the sea into darkness leaving sound my only clues to the secrets it is trying to tell me.

There is only one answer that can satisfy the whispers of the breeze as it swirls around my face.

“We are one, you and I” the breeze assures me as it whispers in my ear.

“Although you may perceive me as only air, you would be mistaken. You see I am so much more than that. I am pure energy manifest! I am pure energy on a journey from here to there, giving and receiving freely, seeking sympathetic vibration with all the energy I encounter on my journey. I skim across sand and water and rock, grass and trees. I touch them all, I give them my energy freely and they respond, in their own way, naturally. And we bond, all of the energetic entities and myself, we bond and all is as it should be. Then I move on, riding the currents of tachyons elsewhere. You see, we are not so very different, you and I. Thank you for letting me bond with you. Onward I go!”

With that the breeze dies down, a wisp across my cheek like the soft fingers of a friend saying farewell. A final toss of my hair and it was gone. The air was still.

I sat there for a long moment as the clouds parted and the moon lit up the sea once more. I took a deep breath and smiled at the wonder of the universe. What a place we live in hey? The only problem I have now is that I need a new notepad as this is the end of this one.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading.

Much Love,



PS: Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as I post some hidden gems from my journal, somewhere in Brett’s Future 🙂

Corn Dancers


A tinkling sound drifts to me upon the warm summer breeze as I lay in the cornfield. I smile at the sound for it is the sound I have longed for all day, for all eternity. It is the sound of your laughter.

I know you are near but teasingly you do not approach. Instead your laughter lures me and like Alpheus I flow though the cornfield following the sweet sound of my Arethusa.

Quickly you dart like a sprite always one step ahead. I hear you but I cannot see you. I close my eyes and stand still, arms outstretched. I let my ears do the seeing.

Your joyous sound tinkles once more and I shift and stumble slightly towards you. Your laughter increases, I’ve amused you, but I feel you draw closer. Still I cannot see you, I choose not to. I feel more together with you this way. You laugh again, like a silver bell. I’m drawn like a fish in a net, I drift towards you. I’m clumsy at first but you’re patient. You don’t run too far ahead, but your laughter has an excitement to it, I can feel it. I can’t help but smile as I follow the sound, gradually learning to swim amongst the corn as you do.

We dance, we corn dancers float together, the corn always just coming between us but your laughter ever more joyful. I’m swept away, my eyes still closed, I need them no longer. You have me riding currents within the corn, currents of rapture. Soon I no longer feel the corn I only feel the rapture. My body feels light, but I notice your laughter has stopped. You speak instead.

“Open your eyes” you whisper, close to my ear, I feel your breath.

I open them, we are within a galaxy, we are a galaxy. We are star beings, entwined like a helix in an embrace of everlasting love. I turn to face you and our eyes lock. Trapped like twin suns we see into each other and understand our love. Our lips meet in the soft tenderness of eternity as I float endlessly away……



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The Destiny of Three


It started with the primary spark. A green light for go. The consciousness was born.

Instantly it knew it was born and had complete understanding of its purpose. To seek its destiny elsewhere, a distant remote place. To use any means within its nature to seek out this destiny in the most efficient way possible.

So began the flight of the consciousness through the eternal universe.

In the beginning there was just one. It was the ‘I’ and it cast itself into the ether, trusting in itself to ‘know’ the path to tread to achieve its conscious destiny.

But the ‘I’ was incomplete. Intuitively it knew that it was just part of a greater whole. As if the mere conscious imagining of the ‘I’ brought it to life, so was born the ‘L’.

So it was that the ‘L’ cast itself to the ether with the same sense of ‘knowing’. Of a time the ‘I’ and the ‘L’ would search out each other throughout their universal journey. At one such meeting both had an incredible sense of incompleteness. So it was that in there confusion at what they were seeking their questioning brought about the ‘Y’.

So together the three sought out their destiny. This collective consciousness traversed all obstacles of space and time. It spent epochs passing through realms of unfathomable emptiness. And eons slipping through dense galactic clusters of matter. So dense sometimes that it caused diffusion of the consciousness. Despite all barriers the calling of destiny drove the consciousness on. Their collective  journey accompanied by the current of love as it beat its path across the ether.

As it sensed an end to what it sought the consciousness scrambled to reassemble itself, to become whole once more. It had been so very long since it was whole, not since the primary spark. But now in the end, its destiny found, it announces itself to the world once more.

I am whole and I am one and here is my message to you!


May the current of love pass through you as it delivers my heartfelt text to you 🙂


Text me back sometime? Sorry, I don’t want to sound needy. I’m sounding needy now aren’t I? OK I’ll shut up now…..

‘ily ily ily ily <3<3<3<3’


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The Wind

Joseph Mallord William Turner - Snow Storm - Steam-Boat off a Harbour's Mouth - WGA23178
There is a wind blowing. A fierce, chill wind. One that stings your skin and waters your eyes. You struggle to progress in the face of this wind. The harder you try the stronger it blows. It is now a gale.

Curiously, if you turn askance to the gale, change your direction, its power subsides. You turn again, the wind is now at your back and it has become a gentle breeze cooling you as you stroll along. As long as you remain in this direction the breeze is your friend, encouraging you, coaxing you to continue as you are. You allow it to do so as you choose the path of least resistance.

You notice another, moving in the opposite direction, head down, coat billowing in the face of the full force gale. You call out to him.

“Turn around, the breeze is gentle”.

He looks up at you first with anger but then with pity.

“I cannot” he replies.

“Why not?” you ask.

“That is the wrong direction” he says with sadness.

“But why struggle, it’s so much easier and more pleasant this way” you advise.

“Is it really?” he retorts.

You nod and walk on by.

You pass another struggling against the wind.

“Why struggle?” you state.

“Don’t you see?” she replies.

“See what?” you ask confused.

“You are just following the wind” she points out.

“Maybe so, but why not follow it?” I demand.

“You are not thinking, you are not of your own mind, you are deluded!” She yells angrily lowering her head and pushing forward into the wind.

You stroll some more, it is such a pleasant breeze, gentle, supporting, comfortable. You don’t really mind which direction you take you say to yourself. So why not take the easy path? What’s wrong with letting the breeze guide me? You look around and see plenty of others heading in the same direction and nod to yourself, reassured that your decision is correct.

A little further down you see a family struggling into the gale. The parents are holding hands, helping one another as they each drag a reluctant child behind. One of the children continually looks behind at the others heading in the other more comfortable direction.

“I don’t want to go this way Daddy. Why do we have to go this way? All my friends are going the other way” the child pleads.

“We are going this way because it is the right thing to do my dear. I know it’s harder, but if you search your heart you’ll realise that it is the right way” the father replies reassuringly.

Their voices die off as you walk away shaking your head at the sight.

You continue to wander. Your body feels relaxed and if you keep yourself distracted by the sights and sounds around you, you feel comfortable. However, in the recesses of your mind phrases keep emerging. That is the wrong direction, is it really easier, you are not of your own mind, you are deluded, it is the right thing to do, search your heart. These words beat a rhythm in your mind that matches your steps while you continue down the path the wind wants to take you. As if sensing your hesitance the breeze picks up pace as others in front of you encourage you forward with a wave of their arms.

Suddenly you stop and stand dead still. The wind begins to whip around you but you hold firm. You think to yourself, do I really want to simply follow, where do I really want to head, where am I actually going, where are we all going?

These thoughts race through your mind as you look at the multitude of others that are simply following the path of least resistance. You peer forward and notice for the first time that the horizon suddenly drops away as sheer as a cliff face. Everyone walking, by themselves, alone, heading blindly for the mysterious horizon.

You turn and look in the opposite direction and notice that those that are walking into the gale are banding together, joining hands, helping one another as they struggle forward. You notice that in the distance the ground rises and rises into a mountain. Groups, hordes, bound together are struggling forward, an ever growing sea of people joining forces to choose, not the easy way, but a different way.

Your eyes follow the curve of the slope all the way to the top as you notice the first groups of people reaching the summit. They are bathed in sunlight. You can see that at the summit there is no longer any wind. Those that reach the summit first immediately turn to help those that are still struggling. Despite their own exhaustion you understand that they want to continue the camaraderie, the sense of community they found on their way to the summit. They shrug off their fatigue and turn and help as many as they can. Theirs is a new beginning, a new way.

Thoughts race through your mind as you glance back at the people following the breeze, the easy way. To what end you cannot see, the path’s end is obscured or non existent. As you once again face blustery force you notice an old lady stumble and fall as she struggles against the gale. You go to her and hold out your hand.

“Here, let me help you, I’m heading in your direction anyway” you say to her.

She looks up at you with glistening eyes and a broad smile.

“Thank you for being so wise” she says.


In the spirit of Ubuntu,


My Favourite Time of Day

Sunshine thru the window

The morning sun sends its soft tendrils of light slowly creeping through the wooden venetians. The dim illumination gently brightens the room rousing me from slumber. I carefully wipe the rheum from my eyes and open them.

“It’s morning.” I state to myself before calling my muscles into action to roll on to my side. In this position I can see her. She still sleeps. Her delicate features look serenely relaxed in her reposed state. A playful smile touches her lips as her deep inner beauty begins to glow as she slowly wakens.

I gently reposition her hair away from her eyes and softly kiss her forehead. Her skin is warm and deliciously smooth. I gaze upon her as she comes to life. Her exquisiteness blooms before my eyes with such radiance as to challenge the sun’s rays.

I close my eyes and slide closer to her. She stirs as I do and rolls to her side facing me. Her smile widens dreamily as our bodies intertwine in our morning loving embrace. Our morning ritual connection is an essential part of our routine. We would feel incomplete without it.

I open my eyes once more and look deeply into hers. No words are exchanged, for no words are needed for the communication of our love for each other. It is palpable, it is clear, it is fully understood by both.

I kiss her softly on the lips and whisper “good morning”. She responds blissfully and I kiss her again and hold her tight. This woman gets more beautiful with each passing day I think to myself in awe. I do not need wealth or material things to fulfill my life, I affirm. All I need to be complete in this life is to love and be loved by this wonderful angel in my embrace.

We both smile at each other again as our eyes slowly drift shut once more. The comfort we each receive in our joint embrace delicately lulls us back to sleep. We refuse to fight it and allow ourselves to float off in our connection, for it is Sunday morning after all.



Make today a special day, hug the people you love.

The Demon & the Man

satanic-cross-burning,-fire,-devil-133938 cropped

The supine man lay there, eyes wide in terror, mouth agape with an unuttered cry on his lips. He saw movement in his periphery and knew that the demon was approaching. It came into his field of view eyes watching him intently. The strangely swathed face added to the fearful aspect as the man tried to look away. The demon’s underling crouched in the corner pawing at his shoulder watching its master intently.

“In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti” the man whispered to himself hoping that the ancient language of Latin held more power than his native tongue.

The demon approached closer; arms raised. The underling held his shoulder more tightly waiting with a sense of urgency for its master to commence the torture.


The demon approachesThe man let a gasp erupt from his mouth, still agape. He closed his eyes hoping to avoid the nightmare that was about to be perpetrated on him. Too late he thought as the demon began. A single tear trickled down the man’s face as he sunk into oblivion.

He was deafened by the pounding of blood his head swimming. A fog masking his agony gradually lifted. An urgent voice sounded in his ear but he could not decipher the words. He tried to blink his eyes open but a bright light caused sharp pain to erupt in his head. The voice kept persisting as he slowly floated to the surface of conscious thought. Someone was tugging on his shoulder, forcing him to face whatever madness awaited him now. He finally succumbed and gave the voice his attention.

“Sir, sir, we’ve finished now, you can sit up.” The woman’s voice said.

The man slowly rose as his vision normalized.


I hate dentists he realised.