Inspiration for Exhalation

The everlit torch
Now breathe in………hold it for a moment…………now exhale……….

I’m not actually thinking these thoughts right now, my body is rhythmically cycling the life force within the air automatically. I’m pleased for that because my mind in elsewhere, lost in eternity.

Slowly consciousness within this body returns and I open my eyes. I’m floating ever so slightly above the ground, cross legged, before me my guide sits likewise.

With a nod he welcomes my return.

“Tell me young one, have you been inspired?”

“I have Master Yonten.” I answer feeling humbled by my experiences.

“Tell me of your inspiration young one. You must open up to the world around you if you are to truly maximise this gift. Do you understand?” My Master’s wise eyes studied me deeply, boring into my soul.

“I understand Master” I affirm, speaking barely above a whisper.

“How did you come to be here?” I am sure that Master Yonten knew the answer, but he was right, I needed to acknowledge it.

“I was brought here by a friend. He has been as a guide and helped lead me here. His name is Ronovan, he has much wisdom to share and many offers of help for young one’s such as I. I owe him my deepest gratitude.” I speak and Master Yonten smiles and nods in return acknowledging the truth of my words.

“Did you receive Ronovan’s gift young one?”

“Yes Master, I am honored to say that I did.”

“Show me.” He holds his hands out for me to display Ronovan’s gift. Gently, reverantly I place the precious parchment in his hands.


“I feel unworthy of such a gift. I am humbled” I say to my Master as he looks at what I place in his hands.

“Young one, gifts are for a reason, do not count yourself unworthy, instead strive to fulfill the intent of the gift.” His words resonate with me and I nod my understanding.

“Now young one, you know what you must do in order to accept this gift. Tell me seven truths so that you are more understood.” Master Yonten’s eyes, as deep as the universe, capture my own. My efforts to turn his gaze away are futile and I know I must comply. I bow my head in acceptance as I conjure the courage for these truth’s I must tell.

“Very well Master, I will try my best.”

“That is all that is ever asked of you young one. Proceed.”

“Truth number one; I am young but I am tall Master. I have been my height since I was 15 years of age. My first nickname was Tree.” I inhale deeply, pleased to have begun. My Masters eyes smile knowingly at me.

“Truth number two; I have always been moved deeply by music Master. As a result I have a large music collection of over 100,000 songs. Many of these songs form a tapestry of my life and I hold them deeply in my soul. Not for the song itself so much as for the meaning and the memories that the song conjures in my mind.” I drift in thought ever so slightly as I consider my life songs. My Master clears his throat, bringing me back to the present.

“Truth number three; I have a confession to make, one that has me concerned. I have recently become addicted.” My Masters eyes raise slightly at my surprising confession.

“Yes Master, it is true. I have recently become addicted to tweet poetry, I am sorry to say. I try Master, but much of the time I think in rhymes.” My head drops in slight shame at the confession.

My Master smiles at me.

“Do not be ashamed young one. You must be who you are meant to be. Continue.”

“Truth number four; I have been on a dark journey Master. I count myself young only because I am newly emerged from the darkness. Sometimes the darkness still clings to my heels. I, I am still learning how to stay living in the light, but I must confess sometimes I fear.” I cast my Master a worried look as I make known my vulnerability.

“Fear not young one, for fear is an illusion. Remember, you are not two, you are only one.” Once again my Master knows me better than I think I know myself sometimes.

“Truth number five; Your wisdom graces me Master for everyday I try to remember your words as I stand barefoot on the grass. I let Mother Earth and Father Sun recharge my soul. It helps me to remember, at least a little, who a I really am.” I smile at my Master and it is returned, a knowing look on his face.

“Truth number six; Still there are Human experiences I must confess to harboring a deep enjoyment of. Take beer for example Master.” he raises one eyebrow as I mention this, a twinkle in his eyes.

“Yes master, it is true. It’s just that I find beer, well, so very very tasty.” I look downcast again, not sure how my Master will respond to this confession.

He laughs out loud, a joyous sound as I look closely at him again.

“Do not be so serious young one, have fun I say, enjoy this life, play your songs and drink your beer. Stand in the sun and let your soul cheer. Happiness is an eternal gift.” his smile is infectious and my heart sings at his words.

“You have one final truth to tell young one, what will it be?” I breathe deeply for there is only one other truth that should be said when I consider inspiration.

“Truth number seven; I owe my life, my heart and my soul, to my very own fairy. Yes they are true beings fairies, I realize this now you see. For in my darkest hour my fairy guided me. Her love was a beacon that helped me survive. It is why I married her you see. So my last truth to tell you is my love for my lovely fairy; Catherine, my wife. Her inspiration to me can only be expressed in poetry.

“Well done young one, you have completed the task assigned. I am please for you. Now it is time to depart, reality awaits. Before you go, you must spread the love, tell me, who else has inspired you as you sit here today?”

“Master, I must confess, I am still so very young. Please forgive me if I can only nominate a few. But I hope they know how very deeply they have affected me as I start this journey of mine.”

“I’m sure they know young one. Tell me who they are.”

“Master, there is a man from Colorado, Brice is his name. He is a poet of extraordinary talent. His words dazzle me as they glow with somber hues from his special place that he calls Flashlight City Blues.

“There are two others whose words inspire as they write down rhyme and verse. Their words paint beauty and peace and sing to my soul. There is Neha and her cute little dog who live in Forgottenmeadows. Also, Honua who is Led By Reason often seen Embracing a Wounded Soul.”

“There is also another Master. Wise beyond years. At only 17, Shade Blade shows amazing honesty and wisdom in capturing thought in poetry telling My Life Story.”

My Master looks as I pause to consider further how I feel.

“That is four you have named young one. Are there any others you have met, that you wish to let me know of?”

“There are so many Master, I am overwhelmed. But please forgive me, there is only one other I wish to nominate at this point. I am sorry that I cannot fulfill all that is required of me, I feel unworthy.”

“Young one, please, do not feel that way. You are young, new to this place, I am sure they will understand. Who is this final inspiration you wish to tell me of?”

“Master, right from the start, she’s been by my side, encouraging me as I go. Her wisdom and love are an inspiration to me that is palpable. Her name is Lesley Hayes.”

I look at my Master and nod my head as he hands me back the parchment given to me by Ronovan. Once again I feel humbled. I look up at my Master one last time before I leave him this day as I have one final thing to say.

“Master, although only five did I mention above I have one last confession.”

“What is is young one?” He asks his face in unreadable expression.

“Truth number eight; Everyone in cyberland I’ve met in my brief journey has been an inspiration to me. I learn each day as I read their words and they fill me with desire. One day I hope that my own words can in some way also inspire. So thank you all in the blogoverse for being who you are. Please know that deep inside I think you are a star.”

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