It’s not always about my book or about the collision of Science Fiction and science fact.
Sometimes it’s just about writing.
Random words, stories and philosophical musings I’d like to share.

Sane’s Wisdom



On this day 12 months ago I came down from the Snowy Mountains after completing a 30 day water and juice fast. This was a little something I wrote that captured the essence of what I learned during that period. I thought I would post this in celebration of the anniversary.

To watch the 9 minute video I made of this event in my life click here.

With Love,






Silent Glade/Whispering Wind


And so another chapter of my life ends. With the completion of this not so journally journal. The pages lasted from 31st July 2015 to early September 2016. A full 401 days of random thoughts, momentous realisations, garbage, silence, doodles, quotes, sketches, poetry, creative writing, pleas for help, deep deep empathic love and a bunch of other shit.

It almost seems profound that the only pen I could find tonight was this red one. Red, the colour of blood, the colour of the heart, the colour of the root chakra. The colour of many sunsets I’ve watched while writing in this book. Those sunsets are always tinged with clouds and made more beautiful as a result.

I sit here at the Capricorn Caves campground just north of Rockhampton on a perfectly still night. The crescent moon has just set in glorious radiance leaving me here , alone with nothing but these last two pages in my book and a blood red pen.

It is so still tonight. It’s as if the trees surrounding the glade have spread their protective branches to enclose me in their loving embrace. Only the crickets, frogs and owls can be heard. All else is silence. It’s exhilarating!

Now, where was I? Sorry, I got lost in the moment. It is now day 402 of my nomad wanderings. Once again I am in the company of the crescent moon. I sit on the beach at 1770, a little seaside hamlet north of Bundaberg. A swirling sea breeze is blowing providing a dance on the calm sea as it shimmers in the moonlight. Occasionally thick clouds float by and cast the sea into darkness leaving sound my only clues to the secrets it is trying to tell me.

There is only one answer that can satisfy the whispers of the breeze as it swirls around my face.

“We are one, you and I” the breeze assures me as it whispers in my ear.

“Although you may perceive me as only air, you would be mistaken. You see I am so much more than that. I am pure energy manifest! I am pure energy on a journey from here to there, giving and receiving freely, seeking sympathetic vibration with all the energy I encounter on my journey. I skim across sand and water and rock, grass and trees. I touch them all, I give them my energy freely and they respond, in their own way, naturally. And we bond, all of the energetic entities and myself, we bond and all is as it should be. Then I move on, riding the currents of tachyons elsewhere. You see, we are not so very different, you and I. Thank you for letting me bond with you. Onward I go!”

With that the breeze dies down, a wisp across my cheek like the soft fingers of a friend saying farewell. A final toss of my hair and it was gone. The air was still.

I sat there for a long moment as the clouds parted and the moon lit up the sea once more. I took a deep breath and smiled at the wonder of the universe. What a place we live in hey? The only problem I have now is that I need a new notepad as this is the end of this one.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading.

Much Love,



PS: Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as I post some hidden gems from my journal, somewhere in Brett’s Future 🙂

Introducing the Soul Sage

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Do you think perhaps you have met someone in your life who has walked this planet before?

Perhaps to you they were a guide or a teacher or simply a helping hand at a time you needed one.

Perhaps you have met these people at regular intervals during your life. Maybe you instantly recognized them for what they offered you, for the lesson they taught. Maybe you recognized them only well after they had come and gone from your life, but look back now and realize the gift they offered. Maybe you have never recognized them at all.

I have met one such soul, one of many that I have encountered on my journeys.

I call him the Soul Sage. He has walked this 3rd dimensional plane many times before, despite the pain that it causes him.

I am honoured that the Soul Sage has agreed to share, through poetry some of his travels.

It began with his birth. Click to read……….

Corn Dancers


A tinkling sound drifts to me upon the warm summer breeze as I lay in the cornfield. I smile at the sound for it is the sound I have longed for all day, for all eternity. It is the sound of your laughter.

I know you are near but teasingly you do not approach. Instead your laughter lures me and like Alpheus I flow though the cornfield following the sweet sound of my Arethusa.

Quickly you dart like a sprite always one step ahead. I hear you but I cannot see you. I close my eyes and stand still, arms outstretched. I let my ears do the seeing.

Your joyous sound tinkles once more and I shift and stumble slightly towards you. Your laughter increases, I’ve amused you, but I feel you draw closer. Still I cannot see you, I choose not to. I feel more together with you this way. You laugh again, like a silver bell. I’m drawn like a fish in a net, I drift towards you. I’m clumsy at first but you’re patient. You don’t run too far ahead, but your laughter has an excitement to it, I can feel it. I can’t help but smile as I follow the sound, gradually learning to swim amongst the corn as you do.

We dance, we corn dancers float together, the corn always just coming between us but your laughter ever more joyful. I’m swept away, my eyes still closed, I need them no longer. You have me riding currents within the corn, currents of rapture. Soon I no longer feel the corn I only feel the rapture. My body feels light, but I notice your laughter has stopped. You speak instead.

“Open your eyes” you whisper, close to my ear, I feel your breath.

I open them, we are within a galaxy, we are a galaxy. We are star beings, entwined like a helix in an embrace of everlasting love. I turn to face you and our eyes lock. Trapped like twin suns we see into each other and understand our love. Our lips meet in the soft tenderness of eternity as I float endlessly away……



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It’s in those quieter moments that it happens. Those moments when it’s just me and me. It’s in those moments that I sometimes reflect upon all the carnage of the battles I fought. The pain and the hurt as real although perhaps less obvious than any war.

It’s in those moments that I wince at the cruel weapons that I have used. The thinly veiled criticism, the snide remarks, the frustrated reply, the impatient stare, the condescending snicker. There are so many weapons that I’ve employed. Some days the fighting is worse than others. But on all days and for all weapons, the ammunition is the same. The weapons are merely different ways of firing the same projectile.

It is a small sharp thing, designed to hurt, its edges pointed. I throw it so often, sometimes at others, regularly at myself, at other times the universe at large. I feel the frustration and the aggravation of competition. So I duel with these weapons, ammunition, my hurtful projectiles. They boil down to a simple thing, those two cruel words:


It’s in those much quieter moments that I realize. Every shot fired, every weapon launched, every bloody scar so fiercely fought, were all aimed at the same thing. Like a sniper’s crosshairs those words, thoughts, gestures and intentions were always aimed at the one, that one word:


It is only in those silent moments, beyond quiet, when there are no longer two that I discover a new weapon to use. I realize that if there is no competition or battle to wage there is no target for my projectile to engage. I see that in the end all is the same.

It is in those silent moments that I understand that this new weapon is one I hold in my hands. I make a promise to myself to drop those old ways that caused me such pain. In the silence of infinity when only one remains, I feel the love all around and drop my defenses, they’ve become redundant I guess you might say.

So I repeat to myself, a reminder of sorts, a picture for me to place in my frame. I remember that there’s no competition, we are all just the same as I whisper softly to myself those two words: