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The following post will guide you through the key areas of this crazy thing called Brett’s Future:

That’s right folks. This is it. Finally. It had to happen eventually. You know, you just get that feeling. It’s time.

So without further ado, in one simple post, here is a consolidated, one page run down of all the posts so far, in a way that might help you make sense out of this wild ride of a blog. Are you ready? OK, here we go.

(NB: All links open a separate tab so you can stay reading this post and just open up the stuff of interest for further reading later)

Are you willing to live in the Question? This was my first post and it is all about setting the scene for what’s to come. Have a read if you haven’t already, it might help to explain how you should think about some of the stuff you see on this blog.

It’s about Life. I felt it was important to start with the fundamentals when explaining the world of Brett’s Future. In this post I provide you with my very own definition of life. It might be a bit different to what you’ve heard before. Reading this may help you understand some of the reasons I say things the way I do in other posts.

Espresso. To celebrate the milestone of making it through my first week as an ‘out of the closet’ writer I share with you the top 3 wisdoms that I gained through exploring this magnificent thing called the blogosphere. Have a read especially if you’re just starting out. There’s a link to a fantastic writers guide plus some very inspirational bloggers.

Of course, the journey within Brett’s Future would not be complete if I failed to introduce you to our honored guest, the one who make all of this possible. Ladies and Gentlemen: Our Universe. This is an awe inspiring video, 4m26s of mind boggling exhaltation. The circles in the video represent to the power of 10. Stay right to the end, the grand finale, you get to see the Tachyon.

I then gazed up to the stars and tried to understand the size of this universe thingy that we are part of. You know what conclusion I reached? Hey Universe, I’m not Impressed! The size is too unfathomable. Have a read and see why.

Along the way the very kind and brilliant blogger Ronovan from Ronovan Writes nominated me for an award. Here is my acceptance post; Inspiration for Exhalation. In it you will learn 7 truths about me. And also meet some other inspirational bloggers. You’ll also get to meet my very good friend Yonten.

An important part of my journey to this point was expressed in my poem; Freeing the Modern Day Slave. Many people have told me that it resonated with them as well. See what you think.

Warp Speed……Engage! A fabulous journey into a piece of science fiction history, somewhat forgotten, but ground breaking for its time. The fabulous Across the Zodiac. It created some world firsts, see what they were.

We all hold beliefs about things. Things that we know are true. But sometimes, we’ve been lied to. A brief tale of 4 children’s own lies in The Lie of the Lily. If you think deeply enough, you may even uncover some of your own lilies.

Have you ever seen a Murmuration? If you’ve got 2.00 minutes have a watch of this video of one in my post: A Dance of Love. See what I say causes them. The video itself is awe inspiring.

In all of the above posts I’ve posed numerous opinions and have talked about life in a particular way. Perhaps why I do this can be explained in both of these statements when I posted my very own Fractal or Truth and Fractal of Time. If any of the above posts have made you think about this reality we live in then you may also be interested in these statements.

Of course, my blog hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Did you know that I actually decided to break up with the World? No? Well why not have a read of My Breakup Letter to the World. An amazing journey through word waves and the words that humanity chooses to use and how they have changed over time. Food for thought & a little bit funny. After you’ve read that have a look at the reply the World gave me in OMG! The World’s sent me a TXT! it might also give you a laugh.

So whilst I’m waiting to see if the World will eventually send me a letter in response as was hinted, I thought about things. I thought about that thing called life again. I thought about the electrical nature of it, as I proposed in my earlier post. And I thought about the electrical connections that we all form with one another. The result of all this thinking, besides a sore head, is that I ended up expanding my definition of life. Are you interested in finding out why you feel a buzz sometimes when around people? Yes? Then why not read my post: Hey There! What’s that Sound? as it tries to explain it for you, from the perspective of the world that I live in. It also introduces you to my mysterious ‘Vault of Forgotten Science’ which will be expanding as things progress.

You see, everything, I mean everything that is on this blog is connected. All posts link together to form an overall image of what life is like in Brett’s Future. Whether it be in my short stories such as The Wind. Or even the slightly scary but ultimately amusing The Demon & The Man. All is connected. Even my science fiction writing. Or even my favorite time of day.

If you enjoy science fiction then perhaps you’ll enjoy the first series of the Tobi & Sympathy adventure entitled ‘Sympathy for the Devil’. It’s a fun ride over 4 parts with a couple of interesting diversions thrown in. The link will take you to the start, just click through from there. Ultimately, there is a riddle behind it. Can you solve it? Do you know where Sympathy has been taken? Will Tobi ever find her? See if you can help, leave your thoughts in the comments at the end of the series. The next component of the adventure will soon be released  so stay watching out for ‘Demons & Wizards’ coming to your inbox/reader.

Have you ever experienced a reality shift? You know when you have, you feel heavier, like gravity is stronger. Our friend Tobi did, read how he escaped. He tells it in the post Through the Vortex. I should remind you that everything on my blog asks you the question – is it science fiction or science fact? You be the judge.

Have a read of how Tobi’s Father explains these reality shifts. It may give you something to think about. The post is called The Dichotomy of Duality.  Live in the question. Again you be the judge, is it science fiction or science fact?

I cannot conclude this summary without telling you how awesome you are. If you’ve read all these words in this post so far you’re doubly awesome. In fact so awesome that you are the author of the greatest story ever told. Do you know why? Read why in my post The Story of You.

Along the way I’ve punched out a few poems. Sometimes I can’t help it. There’s a poem inspired by the electric universe. One about a day at the beach when I was young. A poem I wrote to celebrate my birthday (it even gives away my age). If you like visual, check out my ode to the beautiful dance of murmurations. Or take a journey through life down our path and then see how I defeated the noise. But in the end my poetry was all about just connecting with you. But can you understand my need for a break every now and then, I mean don’t you ever pixelate? There are more poems but I will let you discover them.

A post about the journey so far would not be complete with talking about dreams. In my universe, in my future, our dreams do manifest in our reality. It’s the nature of the tachyon. I told you everything on this blog is connected. So come, dream with me. Dream the Dream of Life. Watch this awe inspiring video. Be my guest blogger, submit your dream. Or simply give yourself some time to float away and get lost in the wonderful dreams of others. Have a browse through our Dream Gallery. They will mesmerize and delight you, no matter what age you are.

Every now and then I like to dream during the day. Have you tried it? Stand barefoot on the grass and just be and let yourself dream. This is what happened to me one day when I went backyard surfing. You’ll know when I’m surfing, you’ll feel the surge of tachyons I’m sending your way. I often start surfing by reminding myself not I. It helps stop the yearning and overcome my fear. But then I think about the Tachyon all powered by love and I feel OK once again.

So stick with me, there’s plenty to come, I’ll get there.

Some things still to come in Brett’s Future (I’m putting this list here as a reminder to me as well!):

  • Demons & Wizards – Tobi’s search for Sympathy continues
  • The World will send me a letter, I just know it. I wonder what it will say?
  • Stay tuned for more from the Vault
  • Some more sneak peeks from my book
  • An updated Tweet Gallery – there are so many twitter poems to share!
  • More dreams coming your way, why not submit your own, don’t be scared.
  • More tachyon tales and musical musing from my universe
  • I’m going to paint some personal tapestries for you
  • I’m sure that Yonten will come and visit again, he is such a cool guy, I always enjoy his company
  • More short story’s and tidbits for a bit of fun
  • Plus I am very tardy in accepting & passing on a couple more awards. I’m just so humbled. I will respond.
  • And of course more poetry, I can’t help it, as you know if you follow me on Twitter.

Life is electrified for me presently, my current is dispersed, please be patient.

A word to all who follow Brett’s Future, blog, Facebook or Twitter or all 3, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to continuing this wild and funky ride with you all. And of course in continuing to share the love.

Some fractals for consideration:

  1. We are electric
  2. Fear is an illusion
  3. Tachyons are real and are charged by love
  4. Dreams do come true
  5. Love is all there is
  6. Live in the Question?

I am honoured if any of my fractals of truth align with your own.

Yours most humbly,





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