Are you willing to live in the Question?

Be the leaf on the wind

Be the leaf on the wind

Well, where to start?

How about we start at the beginning? That’s always a good place.

To begin with I’d like to ask you a favor. Is that OK?

I mean to say that my statement above is not a rhetorical question. I really do want to ask you a favor.

You see, I’m just a guy whose had a bunch of experiences that are unique. Just as you are who you are and just as unique.

I find myself at this point in my life taking my first few tentative steps on a new path. The path of transforming myself into a writer. Not just a writer, but maybe even one day a published author. Phew, saying that wasn’t so hard after all.

But what will I write about? A reasonable question I hear you ask. Well I guess the obvious thing to write about is the thing I am most passionate about, right? Right! Well what if you don’t know what you’re most passionate about? In that case you have no choice but to write about whatever is upper most on your mind.

So I sit here on a cold winter’s day and stare at the bare tree outside my window. The last leaf clings desperately to its mother, that which it has only known. But mother nature has a different plan as the blustery wind severs the bond and the earth colored fractal is blown away. It was then that I realized there was only one answer, well two more than likely.

Science Fiction and Fantasy. That’s what it’ll be for me. You see for me these genres more than any other ask of you, no demand of you to live in the Question.

For example;

What if we could dematerialize and rematerialize? Would we have these machines in our homes? Would Trekkers call them the “beam-me-ups”?

What if we could rapidly heal ourselves, without having to have Adamantium bonded to our skeleton. Would we be called the Wolverines?

What if we could develop mental powers without the need of a Golden Torc. Would we be the Exiles?

What if we could meld minds together like Bliss and her kin to connect and create like Asimov said. Perhaps we’d not be called Gaian but Earthers instead?

What if there truly was a Puzzle Ring like Hannah’s, a key if you like, to open a doorway to another realm.

You see when we read our Science Fiction and Fantasy books, we live in the Question for every single page. We allow ourselves to plunge right in and let the flow of the story carry us away.

So in light of all that I’ve just said; back to that favor I wanted to ask you.

The point is, I have a story to tell. Well probably a few stories actually. So for my stories, as for any good book that wraps you up and carries you away, can I ask for you to live in the Question? Do not seek out this answer or that answer but to just allow it to be.

Let me paint a world for you. A fantastic world full of the magic mentioned above.

If you will allow me, I will paint a picture for you of a world of tomorrow. I will tell a tale of the past, present and future.

Please allow me to introduce you to my Science Fiction and Fantasy world. Of course being Science Fiction insists at least in many inferences to be a world of the future. For me there is really only one future I can think of. Do you know what that is? The answer is quite simple. See, because my experiences make me unique the only future I can possibly experience is;

Brett’s Future

For further reading why not see what my definition of life is. Does it sound controversial or do you agree? Is it science fiction or science fact. You be the judge………..It’s about life.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me this far.


Yours Most Humbly,






  1. I really love the way you write, Brett. I have a feeling that whatever you write it will have that freshly minted feel about it. Living in the question is something we all need to do – it’s on a par with living in the now. There are no answers – so far. Only theories, speculation, imagination. We human beings are so good at that. We make up stories to try and make sense of who, what and where we are. We have been doing it since we first developed language – especially visual language (the ancient cave paintings are an example.) We know nothing, really, only what we think we know. I have loved science fiction since I first discovered ‘Childhood’s End’ by Arthur C. Clarke tucked away in my dad’s bookshelf, when I was about 9. I devoured the words, the concepts, the philosophy with all the eagerness of an untrained, unbrainwashed mind. It struck a chord of deep knowing in me that has never gone away. It was probably my first experience of asking questions beyond the ones I had already been asking (and getting no answers.) With hindsight I can see that it helped to shape my own personal philosophy of life. I don’t write science fiction myself – mine is more focused on the psychological aspect of what it means to be human. I will be following your blog – and whatever you write, with interest. You stand at the threshold of a great adventure. As a fellow author and an ordinary questioning fellow human, I truly wish you well.


    1. Lesley,
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful comment. It sounds like we have similar views on life. In fact life is what tomorrows post will be about. I think humanity is on the brink of some amazing discoveries which will be a catalyst for mind boggling changes in almost every aspect of life. It’s fantastic fuel for a budding SciFi/Fantasy author.
      With heartfelt gratitude,


    1. Thank you so much – just read your bio, we could be soul brothers, your journey sounds so familiar. Same age, same search for passion……I really appreciate your support and encouragement.


  2. I like how you entice me to read more by using the present post to springboard to another. I’ll be borrowing that perhaps. It might not fit with my style and voice.


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