Month: June 2014

7 scientists are brought together…their work changes the world forever

“This Deep Space Probe is the first step. It’s mindboggling and it’s Earth changing.”

– MJ Sullivan, NYC 2000


“One day our children, the children of Earth’s future might go to planets like Tau-Ceti for holidays.”

– MJ Sullivan, NYC 2000


“The Zero Horizon is the connection point between normal matter…….. and Dark Energy.”

– Prof. Tomas Lehmann, NYC 2000


“You know how things are Tom, we’re never entirely safe. There’s always someone.”

– Prof. Francois Lemaire, NYC 2000


“Can you imagine if another power or terrorist group got their hands on this Dark Energy technology?”

– Prof. Tomas Lehmann, NYC 2000


“God is the Creator of life not Biotech!” The wan man froze, his mouth opening reflexively as if to respond.


Protesters, they’re everywhere nowadays and getting worse, more violent, more hateful.


The theme for today’s show is – ‘Is it moral? Is it ethical?” Sally’s voice squeezed through the curtains….


“Yes Sally. Not only prohibited but the entire practice outlawed!” the Pastor interjected.


“Is destroying the embryo to extract the pluripotent stem cells simply a basic medical procedure or is it murder?”


“Dr Winters how do you respond to Pastor Calvin’s view. Is it murder? Are you destroying a human soul?”


“How do we know that this thing we call soul even really exists and if so when & where does the soul inhabit us?”

– Dr Hugo Winters


“Our soul inhabits our body from the moment of fertilization. Only a heathen would suggest that a soul does not exist.”


“Many believe that it is the human brain, the mind of man that contains the soul.”


“It is no different to what the Nazi’s did during World War 2. Are you a Nazi Dr Winters?”


“What you do is evil you know that right? Are you being deliberately evil or has the devil got your soul?”


“You are killing them to satisfy your own morbid curiosity.”


Loneliness is my best friend, please let me go and be with my friend.

– Dr. Hugo Winters


“As a Christian nation all of our hearts should be troubled.”


He needed to escape. Escape the hateful ones. They all wanted him dead, even God. Why? What have I done? Why am I so unloved?

– Dr Hugo Winters


The smell was like a signpost for her sorrow, reminding her through scent of her losses.

– Prof. Elizabeth Cavendish


…her whole world was torn asunder in the screech of tires and the clash of metal.


Her work was now her child and she would nurture it and feed it and watch it grow with the same passion as a mother.

– Prof. Elizabeth Cavendish


The disease was vicious in its attack. Like a tiger laying in wait for its prey it pounced, feeding on Peter’s brain with fury.


“Why do you want to help me? I thought you were only interested in making money. That’s the American way right?”

– Murphy, NYC 2001


“Look at how much has been achieved over the last hundred years or so since capitalism has really been embraced by the world”

– The President, NYC 2001


“Not all the world lives like this, in fact the vast majority do not. Capitalism is just another word for slavery.”


“Debt is bondage, bondage is slavery. The banking sector are just modern day slave traders.”


“The riches of America and Britain and any other wealthy nation have been built on exploitation. Why do you want equality?”


Oh, if I had your power, your power to change the world, what I could do with it.

– Murphy, NYC 2001


“We are not dealing with UFO’s or Area 51 here. We are dealing with an amazing piece of science that will end world hunger.”

– The President, NYC 2001


I will make a difference mother, even if it costs me my life, even if it costs me my soul.


“I do so. My mama told me I do before she died, so I do. She told me that she gave me my name because of my magic power.”

– B, Ethiopia 1986


Fi saw the sadness grow in her friend, like a cloud slowly covering the sun it spread across her face.


Their emaciated frames unable to support their bones, they lay in odd twisted positions on the side of the road.


… I’m going to be a fairy princess one day and give food to everyone, because I’ve got a purity heart…

– Fi, Ethiopia 1986


“There is no magic, little one. Only the magic of money and power”


Like an automaton she just stood there, limbs listless at her side, head drooped.


The little girl looked around and was surrounded by death and pain. She closed her eyes to shut it out – I am powerless.


Another day in the lab awaited her. She smiled grimly to herself. I am powerless no more.

– Murphy, NYC 2001


“My body will be protected but my mind ….will be linked to the controls of the probe. That is how I will pilot the vessel.”

– MJ Sullivan, NYC 2001


“We could speak mentally with each other and other things. It’s a talent that I hid after she….died”

– MJ Sullivan, NYC 2001


“I’ve studied mental powers for a very long time. The best … I can give … they have a connection to the pineal gland.”

– MJ Sullivan, NYC 2001


“Ah, the third eye, the eye of Horus.” Hugo said with a grin.
“You know about the pineal gland?” MJ asked intently.


“I will not let this thing take anyone else from me again. I’ve lived in the shadow of death all of my life.”


“You created them not God so they cannot be classified as a life form can they?”


“Tell me, do Zebroids, Ligers, Mules or any other type of man-made hybrid not live? Are they not life forms?”

– Zac, Palo Alto 2001